Review and Swatch: Wet n’ Wild Wild Shine nail color in 4888 Who is Ultra-Violet?

At the beginning of 2015 Wet n’ Wild released a repackaging of several of their products and added a few colors to various lines. The product I am reviewing today is one of those new products. It is part of the wild shine nail color range which retails for 99 cents.
Who is Ultra Violet? Is a medium violet purple cream. It is not neon or muted; it is a bit on the warm side of purples.

The formula of this one was a bit unfortunate. I found it to be thick and a bit goopy. The only way it would apply evenly is if I applied a thick coat which, of course, takes a while to dry. It needed two coats for full opacity and to even out the streakiness. It still looked a bit uneven on the nail but managed to pretty much self level out.
As for the new cap, I’m not that fond. It is a strange shape (and the whole top is one; no cap to take off to reveal a top underneath like butter London) which makes it a bit hard to work with. There is only one way to comfortably hold it and trying to flip in in your hand (to use the other side of the brush) is uncoordinated and a pain. I also don’t think it looks that cool so I would rather that they stuck with the old design.

Overall, this polish is just okay. The color is pretty but too thick for my tastes, and the handle for the brush is awkward. For 99 cents though, it’s not that bad. 


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