Monday, December 30, 2013

Review and swatch: Almay Intense i-Color Shadow Sticks for Green eyes

Last time Rite-Aid had their clearance sale, I picked up this dual ended cream shadow stick for a few bucks (though it’s normal retail is about $7, I think I got it 75% off). It contains two colors: a silver and a dark plum tone.

When swatched, they look very pigmented, but upon application to the eyelid they don’t really and with any attempt to blend they almost disappear. They do apply easily, and have a creamy formula. I find these don’t really work for cream eye shadows, but instead work as an eyeshadow base.
just the shadow sticks

In this look I applied a taupe-ish light grey tone over the silver (to make it less blaringly metallic) and a plum color over the purple. This plum eye shadow is from my stila palette and is so soft, it barely shows up on the lid. With this cream stick as a base, though, it looks as deep and as rich as it does in the pan!
with shadow on top

Overall, I would say it is worth $7, mostly because it can’t be blended without disappearing. It is a good base though. If you are just looking for a base though, it might be worth to try out NYX’s “milk” cream shadow pencil (which I haven’t tried, but I’ve heard it’s fantastic). 

Friday, December 27, 2013

Review: Urban Decay Naked 3 palette

I got it! I honestly didn’t think I would, but I received the Urban Decay naked 3 palette for Christmas! This is going to be a more first impressions/personal opinion post. I will not be posting swatches because my lighting right now wouldn’t do it justice; for good swatches and technical details head over to Temptalia.
This is my first Urban Decay product and my first “high end” eyeshadows.
The palette comes with 12 eyeshadows, a dual ended brush, and a set of four primer potion samples each of which should last a week.
The brush is “meh”; while it looks nice and well-made and the bristles are dense and stiff, the bristles also feel very slippery and plastic which isn’t the best in my opinion for applying eyeshadow. My elf essential brushes are better for application (or my fingers).
I will be reviewing and comparing the primer potion in a different article.

The texture of these shadows is definitely velvety soft, but I’m unsure about how to describe the pigmentation.  Some of the glitters need a bit of help to be seen; I pat shades like dust and buzz on my lids with my finger. Other shades seem to be true to pan but don’t show up that well on my lids; I think the may be just how close some of the shades are to my skin color.
While this palette is “rose toned”, it is possible to make non rosy looks which makes this palette more versatile. For example on Christmas I was wearing red, so I wanted a more brown/gold eye look. To create this I used strange (white) in my inner corner, trick (gold glitter) on my first half of my lid, factory (golden medium brown) on my outer half, mugshot (taupe) blended up from my crease an a little bit of blackheart (black with red glitter) on my “outer v” area.
To get a more rosy look I like to pat on a bit of dust (pink sparkle) in the inner third of my lid, nooner (dusty rose mauve) over the rest of my lid, liar ( a shimmery version of nooner) blended out from my crease, and a bit of darkside (dark grey) in the end on my crease/”outer v” area.
My favorite colors of this palette are probably nooner and darkside. Just these two together would make a good basic eye look.
The packaging on this palette is good and solid and very classy looking.
Overall, I think this is a really nice palette with a variety of really nice, wearable shades. This palette is not super dramatic, but does have some darker shades if you favor smokey eyes. I do feel this palette is a bit expensive at $52, but I see myself using this for a great deal of time to come.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Review and swatch: Milani HD advanced lip color in 101 Romantic rose

The last time I was at my local dollar tree I picked this lip color up for $1, but according to the internet, this normally costs $6.99.

This lip product comes in a clicker style applicator; the tip of the lipstick is fairly small so application can be precise.  The packaging is really sleek and sophisticated.  This color is a light pink/peach color. I picked this up because I don’t have any colors like this (though memento from OCC is a bit similar). The lipstick has some shimmer/ super fine micro glitter which I guess is the “HD” part.

The finish is quite glossy, and as such is removed easily when I eat something. When I apply it, it takes a few swipes to become noticeable (possibly because my lips are darker than the product) then it sort of “melts” onto my lips.

When I first got this I wasn’t sure of the color (and the glossiness), but now I kind of like it. It’s not a favorite, but it’s not bad. It's also not at all drying (which is nice since I use a lot of matte and drying lip colors) it might even be a bit moisturizing. 
My only real pet peeve about this product is its really strong fake sweet tart –esque scent.
Overall, it’s definitely good for a $1 lipstick, but for $7 I wouldn’t have bought it.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Holiday eyeshadow look: Golden Berries

I decided to put together a nice holiday look for this winter. I hope you like it!
First the whole look:
The lipstick I'm wearing is Sugar Plum Fairy from Wet n Wild's megalast line. I thought it was a nice cranberry color for this look.
I wanted my eye look to be very golden and bronzey. I ended up with this:

First I added a taupe color all over my lid, then I added a bronze color on the second half of my lid. Then in my crease I added a dark brown with subtle gold glitter, that I blended up towards my brow bone. I then added a darker brown just into the second half of my crease, just to further define and almost "cut" my crease. My last step was to add a cream color to my brow bone and inner corner.

I then added two coats of mascara. I did't add eyeliner because I wanted the eyeshadow to be the main draw; I didn't want the eyeliner to overwhelm the look.

For further reference these are the colors I used. The are all from my NYX smokey eye palette.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Review and swatch: wet n wild Megalast liquid lip color in 929A Rose to the Occasion

Everything I’ve heard about this product (which I of course heard only after I bought it) is quite negative. For me this is kind of a Love/hate product. There are some good points and some “could be bad depending” points.
This product is a liquid lip stick that dries to a dry and matte finish. It has a type of flat almost doe-foot applicator wand. If you apply this wrong, it’s going to look horrible. After a bit of trial and error I have found the best was to apply it.

How to apply:
Firstly, since this is a very drying product, moisturize your lips with balm, and let it absorb. Then wipe it off before you apply the lipstick, otherwise it will not “lock” onto your lips. Then apply it carefully but fairly quickly. If you make any mistakes, clean them up immediately. If you need to rub your lips together to it fast; if it seems tacky stop. Now you need to not touch your lips for about a minute or two. If your lips touch while they dry they will rip the lipstick from each other and cause a mess. Also, do not blot or apply a second layer! After a few minutes if your lips still seem a bit tacky in places, you might have applied too much. In this case, apply a little of translucent powder to set it. I’ve only had to do this with the very center of my lips on occasion.
After your lipstick is dry, it will not budge. It won’t fade. It won’t transfer onto skin; it will only transfer if it get a bit wet (like whilst drinking) and even then not much. I can eat whole meals, and not need to touch up. Touch up, though can be a bit tricky. You can only apply a thin layer and you have to let it dry like before. If you touch up multiple times it can build up on the lips and look bad.

Since this stuff is so long lasting, it can be a bit hard to remove. It cannot be removed with a tissue, or with just water and a cloth. Don’t try. It can be removed with a makeup wipe (with just a bit of work), or with eye and lip make-up remover liquid. 
This color is a nice medium pick with just barely visible gold glitter. Unfortunately I think all of the colors have glitter to some degree.

If worked with correctly, this can be a great choice for a longwearing and no transfer lip color. It can get uncomfortable and drying and it’s not easily removed for a total touch up. It’s only $2.99 though, so if you are curious about this formula it won’t break the bank.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Review and Swatch: Laura Geller Color Drenched lip gloss

On Black Friday, my grandmother picked up a new laura geller mascara at Ulta, and as a gift with purchase, received this lip gloss. She decided she didn’t like the color, so she gave it to me. I unfortunately do not know the color name of this gloss because this is a sample size and does not list it. I believe it to be “perked up pink” based on the description and picture on their website.
This is called a lip gloss, but I think it’s more a liquid lipstick with a glossy finish. This baby is pigmented! It completely covers my lips’ natural color and the pink itself it quite vibrant. The finish is very glossy, but not tacky, and like most glosses doesn’t last too long. At the first sip of coffee or bite of a sandwich it is gone and you need to reapply.  While I wouldn’t say it is moisturizing per say, it definitely isn’t drying.

The only problem I have with this product is its applicator. Since this is so pigmented you will want a very neat/fine line around you lips. The applicator though is your standard bulky doe foot applicator. This makes it hard to make a neat line, I would rather they made it smaller.

This sample size was free with purchase and contains 0.1 fl oz/ 3ml of product. The full size cost $19 and has 0.3 fl. Oz/ 9 ml of product. So, this sample is about $6 worth of product.

Overall, this is a pretty gloss and a great choice if you like highly pigmented glosses. I however, am not a huge fan of glosses of any type, but if I ever feel in the mood this will be the one I reach for. 

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Review: Benefit’s “They’re Real!” Mascara

For my birthday gift this year from Sephora I got the Benefit’s “They’re Real!” mascara and Benefit’s Watt’s Up highlighter mini’s. Everyone raves about this mascara and even the lady at the checkout said I was going to love it, so I went in with high hopes.
This mascara’s wand is made up of plastic bristles and has a little “ball” of bristles at the tip. This is the sort of wand I like. To apply the mascara you are supposed to do you normal “wiggle” motion, and then used the tip and a vertical angle to further lengthen you lashes.

As you can see from this picture it does something for my puny straight, lashes (which I have curled before applying the mascara), but after just an hour they are completely flat again! While this mascara would work well for someone who already has decently long and curly lashes, this just doesn’t work for me. I guess it works in a way, because it works just as well as any other mascara on me, but it doesn’t do anything fantastic or worth it’s price.

The mascara I have is a mini size that you can buy on its own for $10. A full sized mascara costs $23. Personally I don’t think it’s really worth that much, but around the $20 mark is standard for mid-high end mascaras.  
Another note I would like to make is that this mascara irritates my eyes. It makes them have a tingly/burn/itch/dryness sensation and it happens every time I wear this (which has been 10+ times, I really wanted this to work!), but has never happened with any other mascara.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Review and Swatch: Wet n’ Wild megalast lip color in 919 B “Vamp it up” (MAC dupe!)

Vampy lips are in season! I love the dark and vampy lip look, and as every year when fall and winter come around they come back into style. This year, though, I’ve noticed a lot of really dark lips so I decided to buy a new, darker lipstick. This is the darkest lipstick I own.
Vamp it up is a dark, almost black, purple. It is pure purple, not at all berry/ red-ish.
The first time I heard of this lipstick it was actually in the context of a MAC dupe; this is very nearly the same as MAC cyber! Check out a comparison here
This lipstick didn’t apply was well as some of my other megalast lipsticks, it was a bit patchy, but I think this may be because of my lips being a bit dry. From other mentions of this lipstick no one else seemed to have this problem and it didn’t apply terribly, just needed a bit of work. Since this lipstick is so dark and dramatic I wanted a perfect application so I first prepped my lips with lip balm, then removed most of it. I then lined by lips with the product using a lip brush, and then filled my lips in with the brush, and then blotted. At this point it was looking a bit patchy and thin in places. So, I took the tube and patted the product directly from the bullet to my lips, then blotted very lightly. It looks good after this! I then cleaned up a bit with concealer on a concealer brush.

This lipstick lasts quite well like the other megalast lip sticks, but since it is so dark just the slightest bit of removal from eating makes me want to patch it up. This costs the normal $1.99 of this range.

Overall, this is a decent lipstick especially if you are new to the dark lip trend and don’t know if you can pull this color off. I think I can, what do you think?

Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Just another quick outfit of the day for a casual outfit for a warmer winter day.
Sweater: Charlotte Russe
Skirt: forever 21
Tights: target
shoes: Doc Marten

lip product: OCC lip tar in Anime

Monday, December 9, 2013

Review and Swatch: OCC lip tar all star mini set

Once again, this is something I picked up on black Friday, and it’s my favorite purchase! I’ve been interested in the occ lip tars for a while, but couldn’t secede on a color I wanted most that would be worth $18 for me. This set instead is four colors, all of which I like so I decided to go with it! According to the back of the package this is a Sephora holiday exclusive.
The colors in this set are:
Memento: which is described as a “pink/plum neutral”. I think this looks a bit coral on me.
NSFW: a “true, balanced red”
Anime: “vibrant neon pink”
 Black Dahlia: which is described as being a “blackened red” but I think this looks purple/ berry-ish on me.
It also comes with a lip brush which is quite nice.

I like all these colors in the package and on me; I was actually surprised how much I like NSFW because it seems like just another red. Instead this is the “perfect” red on me; it is a medium/dark red that is matte and because of this it is very wearable. Also it doesn’t budge so I feel safer wearing it knowing I won’t be getting red all over my face.
All of these last a very long time. I can eat most meals (including tacos!) without really needing to touch up. The first touch up is also very easy and seamless, only on a second touch up can the center of the mouth (where I touch up) start to get a bit clumpy looking.
They are also easy to apply with the lip brush. Remember, you only need the smallest bit! I also experience no feathering or shifting on my lips. If you have obviously flaky or dry lips this can catch on them, but not more than any other matte lip color. To “prep” my lips I apply a lip balm before I start my make up, and then remove it with a wash cloth that is a bit damp and move it in circular motions to do a little bit of exfoliation. I then add a little bit more lip balm and then “kiss” it off on my hand until only the thinnest layer is still applied (so little I can’t rub my lips together). I then apply the lip tar starting on the center of my bottom lip and then moving to the edges and then repeating on the top lip. I also don’t apply the lip tar to my brush directly, instead I apply it to a little mirror I use as a palette.

This kit costs $20 at Sephora and each mini lip tar contains 0.08 oz of product ( a Revlon lip butter has 0.09 oz). Each lip tar is then $5 and contains (nearly) as much product as a drugstore quality lip product that is $7-$8. This is quite a good deal to me considering the extremely great quality of this kit!

Overall, I really love this kit and recommend it to everyone even slightly interested in lip tar. I can only hope OCC comes out with another one of these mini sets next year (or sooner!) My ideal mini kit would contain lydia, strumpet, vintage, and either anita or pretty boy.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Review: Sephora atomic volume mascara

On black Friday I picked up this mascara in sephora’s clearance section for $5, because you can’t beat $5 for a mascara right? Because of this price, it may be discontinued.
This mascara is black and not waterproof, though it does stay on my lashes more than my Maybelline. I have experienced no flaking or eye irritation. The wand is made up of plastic bristles, not spoolie fiber type.  While this mascara is marketed at volume, it also adds a bit of length to my lashes. Though, I’m not the best at reviewing mascara because my lashes are a bit pathetic; short and straight.

The first coat of this mascara goes on smoothly and well; on the second coat you can get clumps if you try to add another tick coat. The only clumps I got are on the tips of my lashes though, so they were easy to pinch off with my fingertips. For these pictures I curled my lashes, then applied two coats.
immediately after application

after about an hour

Overall I think this is a quite good mascara, especially for only $5. This makes me interested in mascara’s with plastic bristles. Maybe next time I need mascara I will go for something like Maybelline’s The Rocket. 

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Review and Swatch: Sephora + Pantone Universe Opulent Laquer Trio

When I went to Sephora on Black Friday this is one of the things I picked up. It was in the little clearance racks they have for $9. It is a trio on mini nail polishes. Each color is 0.22 oz each.
Color 1: Tornado- silver blue micro glitter and opalescent circle glitters in a clear/ light colored base
Color 2: Anthracite- black crème
Color 3: Shale – silver, blue, and pink micro glitters in a translucent black base
All the colors are pretty (which is why I picked this out of the choices; there was also a gold and a red set) but Shale is disappointing for me. In the store it looked black with purple glitters, but turned out to look exactly like pure ice private show/ butter London black night which I already own! If you don’t have it though, it’s a nice color and goes on evenly.
Tornado is a very unique shade and is a good top coat. It has a slightly textured finish.
Anthracite it a regular black crème which I do wear often, but I honestly prefer Wet n’ Wild over this. It goes on pretty opaque in one coat but needs two. Unfortunately on the second coat it likes to glob up on the nail. It still had a few patches that weren’t completely opaque, and after one day it has some minor chipping/ serious tip wear.
Anthracite, shale, tornado

The packaging is super cute, but I took them out to store with the rest of my nail polishes. I used the plastic container halves to store my lipsticks. The brushes on these are not too thin, but are quite short and so hard to get enough polish to cover my long nails. Short nail, though, shouldn’t have a problem.

Overall, this is pretty good for $9, but is a little disappointing that I have a dupe for one of the glitters and the black isn’t fantastic.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Since I picked up a few new pieces over thanksgiving, I decided to do another outfit of the day!
cardigan: forever 21
dress: forever 21
tights: ?
boots: forever 21

and make-up and hair of the day:
lipstick: OCC lip tar in Black Dahlia

Sunday, December 1, 2013

"Black Firday" weekend mini haul

I went to a different mall on Saturday  intending to get a small make-up set, but they were sold out so i went to forever 21 and came out with this stuff:
faux leather dress for $15 (originally $19)
studed faux leather flats for $5 (originally $25)
"rag and bone look a like" booties for $18 (originally $37)

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Mini black Friday Haul

yesturday I went black friday shopping and this is what I got!
From Charlotte Russe: skull seater for $20 (normally $27)
From forever 21: faux leather tote for $14 (normally $28)
union flag socks $1.80 (not on sale)
From Sephora: sephora brand mascara for $5 (normally $15 I believe)
OCC lip tar mini set $20 (not on sale)
Sephora + pantone mini nail polish set for $9 (normally $18)
(not pictured) from Bon ton: Calven Klein trench coat for $70 (normally $220)
what did you pick up?

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Review and swatch: ELF essential liquid eyeliner in black.

Liquid eyeliner is my thing. I have been wearing it essentially daily for almost five years. For the longest time I used the Wet n’ Wild liquid eyeliner in black, but when the price went up for $1 to $3 (and for only .12 oz) and it seemed to dry up pretty fast I decided to switch to elf which was $1 and I am so glad I did.
The container is a cone-esque shape with a long handle/top; it contains .169 oz of product. The brush is attached to the screw off top. The brush is a traditional brush with bristles, but is quite fine and soft feeling. This brush is narrow enough to draw extremely fine line, and can be splayed a bit with pressure to create a thicker line. The brush gets enough product on it to line the entire upper lid; you may just have to dip in once more for a cat eye.

The formula of the eyeliner is good and the color is very black. The liquid dries within a few seconds and is smudge proof. It’s not waterproof, but I have teared up in this many a time and have never had it run or smudge. This stuff also doesn’t dry out in the bottle. The bottle I photographed here is new, but I have a bottle which still works well and while I do not know how long I’ve had it exactly; I know I’ve been using it since last April at the very least. That means one bottle lasts 8 months at least. That’s almost scary long actually.

Overall, this is a fantastic product. It is cheap, last forever, and works fantastically. With this product available to me I don’t feel tempted in the slightest for a more expensive brand. This is great for beginners and pros a like. 

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Review and swatch: Nyx ultra pearl mania loose pigment in white

MAC Vanilla is a very popular loose pigment; it is also a very expensive product.  I have never used a loose eye shadow or pigment before, so when I saw that Nyx came out with a loose pigment for the low price of $2.99, I needed to check it out.
With Vanilla in mind, I picked up the color “white”. The range is pretty wide, but I thought I would get the most use out of white. The container isn’t the best; it is a small plastic bottle with a screw cap, to sifter. It also came safety sealed with a sticker which left a tacky residue over half of the bottle. It can be a little messy; which is something I suspect of all loose pigments.

The color is definitely white and it has a strong shimmer and no sparkle.  The texture is also very fine; surprisingly so. It is in no way rough or chunky. If the pigment is patted on, it gives a strong white highlight. The color can also be blended out to give a slight wash of color.

Today, I used the pigment as a highlight in my inner eye and as a slight wash of color on my browbone. I also heard that vanilla can be used a cheekbone highlight; I’ll have to try that out.

I bought this at ulta, and for $2.99 it was a good deal. I don’t think I will be buying more because of the mess and storage problem; eye shadow palettes are more convenient.  Each bottle holds .06 oz of product.