Friday, October 31, 2014

Review and Swatch: Butter London Nail Polish in Gobsmacked

I have wanted to try Butter London nail polish for a while. This is out of sheer curiosity, an attraction to their shade range and a bit of an obsession with their packaging and shade names.  I haven’t tried them for one (big) reason: they are pretty darn expensive at $15 a bottle. Recently though, a few shades went on clearance at which is a sister store of zappos which also meant free shipping! This was $4.99 before taxes.

Gobsmacked is an intensely glittery dark grey and silver shade.
From what I can glean from the internet this was part of the Fall 2012 collection. I guess this goes to prove you can find old limited edition collections even years later! This shade is honestly so very pretty that if you missed this shade I’d go looking for it.
blurred so you can see the intensity of sparkle

As for formula it was very sheer on the first coat. If I hadn’t already seen swatches online, I might have thought this was a top coat! On a second layer it got much more opaque; if you use thicker coats you could get away with two coats, but I prefer three thin ones to get optimum opacity. Since there is so much glitter it ended up a bit textured even with a top coat. This didn’t bother me.
This color lasted pretty well on my nails; I only got a few small chips on my thumbs and bit of tip wear.
I never knew this little design was there! So Cute!

Overall, I’m really happy with this polish. The color is so intensely glittery and pretty as is the packaging. It may need three coats, but they dried quickly so it doesn’t bother me.  If I can get another polish for $5 I’d definitely get it, but it’s not so very overwhelming that I’d spend $15 on one.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Top Three Stores to join e-mail mailing lists (Free Stuff!)

It seems like every store now is asking for you e-mail to send you “deals and promotions” but which ones are worth it and which ones will just clog your inbox? Today I have my list of the top three stores you really should give your information to. (With one bonus!)
3. Bath and Body Works
The land of overpriced perfumed lotions aka less posh and American body shop aka where I spent way too much money as a pre-teen before I could buy make-up.  Whether you use it every day or it builds dust on your vanity, lotion is something that everyone likes to own. If it smells pretty that is a good bonus.  A popular place to pick these things up is Bath and Body Works. This store is also expensive ($12.50 for a lotion?) and pulls you in for “Buy three get three free” sales, but the real deal is with online deals. Very often (at least once a month) they have promotions like “spend $10 get a free lotion” but the good stuff happens when they promote a new line. Often when this occurs they have promotions for getting a free item or two with any purchase. And they mean any purchase. The best way to get this deal is to buy one of their pocket anti-bac for $1.75 and snag your free lotion, candle etc.
*It also may be a good idea to like their Facebook; sometimes the deals are through there.
2. DSW (Designer Shoe Warehouse)
While DSW is one of the shops that sends e-mails nearly every day, this may be worth it for shoe lovers waiting for deals. I never buy their shoes regular prices, the deals aren’t that great, but their clearance is a goldmine. You can always find shoes 70% off and even as much as the treasured yellow sticker: 80% off. The best deal comes about once a month when they give coupons for $5 off any purchase. While this may not make a dent in some of their $70+ regular shoes, but off a 70% pair of Steve Maddens? A big difference. I can often find shoes for $15 so $5 off and I just got the cutest summer sandals for 10 bucks.
1.  Victoria’s Secret
This place houses some of the most expensive lingerie at the mall, and also the only stuff I’ll buy. We are all people of contradictions right? Not only does the e-mail list give you first access to the semi-annual sale and thus the $15 bra found therein, but numerous other coupons. There is almost always a $10 off any bra deal going on which you may not know about without the e-mails and “spend this much get this free gift” deals. The good stuff though, comes about once a month. These deals only come in the mail so you better give them your home mailing address also.  In the mail comes little envelopes with a $10 off a bra coupon, some sort of spend $65 and get a free tote deal, free panty. Yep, free panties, usually up to a $10.50 value.  They also often give a different style every month so you will get a wide range. This is cute stuff too, often part of their Victoria’s secret Cotton range which means cute patterns and lace. While this will not give you a drawer full on underwear, I’ve been part of this list for years meaning about half or more of my underwear is from these promotions (and I own a lot of panties).

Bonus: Sephora
For 95% of the year being a Beauty Insider (meaning you have an account, a rewards card, and are part of the mailing list) means nothing. They send e-mails nearly every day with new items coming out, trends, etc. but Sephora is not one for coupons or deals. When it does matter is your birthday and Christmas. On your Birthday you get a fantastic gift every year for free with no purchase needed. 2012 it was two mini Sugar lip balms, 2013 it was a mini Benefit Watt’s Up highlighter and mini They’re Real! Mascara. This year, 2014, it was a free mini MUFE (makeup forever) rouge natural lipstick and mini mascara. This is a great way to try expensive brands for free! Also, during the winter holidays is the only time they usually give coupons, even though it’s never much. Most Beauty Insiders only get 15% off (so that $20 lipstick is now $17!), VIB’s get 20% off and we’ll have to wait and see what VIB Rouge’s get as this level was just added. It’s also worth being part of the program because your purchases rack up points which get you special gifts of deluxe samples etc. starting at 100 points. 

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Review and Swatch: Revlon Perfumerie Nail Enamel in Bordeaux

Since, the Perfumerie line came out several months ago I’ve wanted to try the products but I don’t usually spend $5 on nail polish. In the newspaper though, this week there was a $3 off coupon (which, by the way, I think is the most off one product I’ve seen)so I decided to give one a try. I heard Bordeaux was one of the better performing and smelling products so I bought it for $1.99 at Target even though I don’t exactly need another red nail polish.
Bordeaux is a deep oxblood like red that can turn almost a berry or purple in some lights. It actually is a very pretty shade. The scent I wouldn’t call red wine; it has a slightly tannic hint but is mostly fruit: maybe Sangria?
The bottle is one of the best points of the polish. It has a beautiful shape like an old fashioned perfume bottle with a little round top. Even the label is fancied up with a beveled cut.  It seems small but carries the usual 0.4 oz of most nail polishes. The problem though, is since the lid is so small it can be hard to grasp and paint with. The brush itself is also too small for my taste and had trouble picking up enough product.
The formula also leaves much to be desired. I find it too thick and gloopy and drys too fast. This makes it hard with the small brush to get even coverage. I did two coats and I notice some streaks and patches near my cuticles. It also seems to chip easily; I got three chips, one of which was really bad, in one day.
Overall the polish is okay. For $4.99 or more it’s not that great. I expected the formula to be more opaque and less goopy and the brush needs to be made bigger. The color is nice though and the smell is good.

Note: Based on reviews online I added a top coat and you can still smell it through! 

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Review and Swatch: Essie Sleek Stick nail appliques in Stickers and Stones and Embrace the Lace

While these nail appliques still retail for around $10 at places like Target and the Essie website, they have been popping up at dollar tree’s across the US! So, of course I had to buy up the ones I could find. According to my mother, who bought me some of these also, they were still more at the store so I might just have to pick up more doubles…
The ones that I bought are: Stickers and Stones, Embrace the Lace, Over the Moon, and Show me your stuff. The ones I have worn so far are the first two designs so I’ll go more in depth with them.
Stickers and stones is a medium grey with metallic silver bumps.

Embrace the lace is a semi-sheer rose gold with white lace pattern overlaid.

How these are applied is simple. They come with 18 stickers of various sizes so you have your pick to find which size is closest to which nail. You then peel off the sticker and place it on your nail, smoothing it out and then fold the remaining bit over your nail and buff it off with the file included. The package also includes a plastic stick to push back cuticles. I find all of this very easy since they are pretty sturdy stickers and don’t flop over or try to stick to themselves like many stickers. I do get folds in them because I am horrible at applying stickers, but they were not that noticeable, especially from a distance, I had less with my second set once I got used to the process.
They are marketed as lasting around 10 days. I wore them for a week. They didn’t peel off or fall off during this time even though I did shower. I didn’t swim or wash a lot of dishes so I do not know how that would affect wear. What did happen was some serious tip wear. The stickers are made of what seems to be three layers: the bottom sticky layer, a middle layer wear the design pint is, and the top “hard” shiny layer. When I wear them for a while the top and center layers by my nail edge lift a bit and while it doesn’t get ground off or lift too far, the paint design gets scrapped off. This means the edge is now just a clear bit of plastic. This doesn’t bother me because I am used to much worse chipping and peeling from my nails, but someone who likes pristine polish may be irritated.
tip wear

To remove, I simply grab an edge and peel off, no problems at all.
The only thing that annoys me is that each pack comes with 18 stickers. Since I have mid-sized nails and don’t mind if they are not perfect; I could use all of these stickers. But, since there are 18 not 20 I can only get one full use out of them. Would it be such a bother for Essie to put 20 or 22 sticker per pack so we could get two uses? I’m sure it’s a marketing ploy to get everyone to buy more pack and have plenty of left over stickers. What I’m planning to do is apply the 8 stickers that are left and just fill in the remaining nail with polish like a reverse accent nail.
Overall though, I really like these sleek sticks. The designs are so cool; many have three dimensionality and texture. They are also easy to apply and remove. I just hope I can find more because at the normal price of $10, they are just way too expensive for one wear. At $1 though I’ll be stocking up. 

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Store Review: Gabriel Brothers

Gabriel Brothers a.k.a. “Gabe’s” is an outlet clothing store chain that “operates 39 stores in Kentucky, Maryland, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia.” This place is similar to Ross, Marshall’s, T. J. Maxx in this way. I haven’t shopped at this store in years because the store closest to me shut down and the next closest store is in an area I never go to and it was very “hit or miss” and was known for being dirty and trashy. Recently though, I was in the area for a doctor’s appointment and decided to check it out to see if anything has changed, and by God it has!
While the store still has a bit of a “dirty” vibe it was a lot cleaner and well organized than I remember it. This also may have a lot to do with the neighborhood it’s in (not the best) and the age of the location (so very old). The clothing though, was fantastic! While it used to be filled with jeans, t-shirts and the occasional “brand” name tee, this time it was filled with dresses, kimonos, palazzo pants, and cute tops. Everything in the juniors section and about half of the women’s section were things that I would wear (or wear if they were in black/my size etc.). This place was a gold mine. I ended up trying on about 15 items of clothing which was after really picking out my favorite items of what was on the sales floor. I also saw brands I recognize for places like Marshalls and T. J. Maxx in addition to B.B. Dakota which I have only seen on places like Nasty Gal. I also tried on almost 10 pairs of Shoes from brands like Rocket Dog, Qupid, and other brands. The shoe prices were under $10 about 75% of the time, and I don’t think I saw any clothing for over $20. I had to narrow my choices down to just a few things because I knew I was going to two different big malls that same week. What I go was:
Hypnotik Pink and black paisley long kimono: $9.99 valued ?
Mine cotton peplum striped top: $9.99 valued $20
Rhapsody high low dress with damask detail: $14.99 valued $28
And the big deals…
Jack by B.B. Dakota faux leather dress: $14.99 valued $62.99 according to
Rocket Dog Spicer Black Daisy wedge on clearance for $5 valued around $50.

*note on the “valued” thing.             Many of the clothes had a “valued at” listing on the tag, some did not. After looking most seemed to be about double the price they were selling it for even if the value was more than that. The leather dress for example was only listed as a $30 value but online it cost more. Only the leather dress and the shoes I could find an online listing for, the others take with a grain of salt or two.
Overall, these were fantastic deals for great pieces I will continue to wear for a long time. The only piece I wish I had bought was a B. B. Dakota red faux leather moto style vest. It was $20 though, and how often to I wear red leather or vests? It was cute though. Very similar to this one: . I am very encouraged by these finds that I see myself coming back whenever I am home on vacation in the hopes that there is be many good deals like these. If you haven’t been to your local Gabriel Brother’s in a while maybe it’s time to check it out again.

*I also bought some spandex shorts to go under my dresses there too for $3.99 each. One is valued at $24 the other doesn’t have a listing but I never seen them less than $15 in stores. 

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Review and Swatch: L. A. Girl Glazed Lip Paint

For a few months now, the word of the L. A. Girl Glazed Lip Paints has been swirling around makeup and beauty blogs online. These have become notoriously hard to find but have also garnered good reviews and direct dupe comparisons to OCC lip tars which I love so I had to check them out.
As I said, these are very hard to find. Very few places carry L. A. Girl and Rite-aid which carries their polishes does not carry this line. You can buy them online at L. A. Girl’s website but they are $4 ( a bit more than Kmart’s price) and then you have to pay shipping.  I have heard of people finding these at 5 and Below (I looked, mine didn’t carry them), at Hot Topic (checked two stores, neither carried them), and Kmart. The latter was the only successful trip, and even in that regard not completely.

 There are six colors available. The colors I wanted most were Coy (a lavender and an OCC rollergirl dupe) and Blushing (a purple mauve). This store didn’t even have the display stand; they must have sold out of so many they didn’t want to keep the stand up. Instead these were in plastic bins with the clearance, but they were not marked down. They remained $3.49. The only colors that I could find digging through those bins were Pinup (red), Bombshell (hot pink) and Hot Mess (orange). Since I have so many reds I just picked up Bombshell and Hot Mess.
Bombshell is a bright neutral toned pink with a hint of fuchsia.

Hot Mess is light/medium neutral orange.

This entire line has been compared to OCC lip tars, and it’s easy to see why. They are both thin, pigmented, peppermint scented liquid lipsticks, but there are some differences. I find the lip paints to be less tacky, less pigmented, and more peppermint scented than the lip tars.
My main problem with these lip paints is how runny, yet not pigmented they are, as with lip tars, you want to apply these with a brush. Unlike lip tars where you only need a mall dot, these require a good amount of product. I usually go back to the bottle 4 times during application if not more. OCC I go back twice if that. The problem with a lot of product though, if that it can run and feather since it is so thin. And since they are not that highly pigmented, the colors are not as bold as I thought. Hot mess especially, is a lot lighter than it appears on the packaging.
hot mess

In regards to the packaging, it does looks cool with the bold color and gold details, and appears to copy the Too Faced Melted lipsticks which are a lot thicker and cream like than these. The “applicator” is not really good for applying; it will make you apply too much. Instead a lip brush is necessary.
Since these are pretty similar to lip tars, some people have claimed to have found dupes. I would just note these are less pigmented so they are not perfect dupes. Hot Mess has been compared to OCC Kimber, and Bombshell to OCC Pretty Boy. I do not have either of these colors, but I do have anime so I swatched them side by side. Anime, on the top is lighter, brighter, and warmer toned than Bombshell.

These contain 0.4 fl. Oz. of product, the lip tars contain 0.33.

Overall, these are decent products and a good way to test out the idea of a liquid lipstick. I dislike how hard they are to find and thus the over-hyped nature of a product I’d call ok or good more than great. I find these to be less pigmented and thinner than they should be and the packaging misleading as to the colors inside. L. A. Girl is coming out with many more colors and I hope to try some, but I’m not going to try so hard to find them this time for this outcome. I do think they are good products to try. 

Monday, October 13, 2014

Review: Maybelline Color Show nail falsies 70 The Silver Lining

The last time I went to my local dollar tree I came upon these false nails. I have never worn fake nails before, but since they were a good brand, cost a dollar, and had a really pretty design, I picked them up.  From what I can glean online, these came out originally in fall of 2013.
The Silver Lining is a medium length oval nail that is black rimmed with silver. The underside is a tan color.

Each box comes with 24 nails in 12 sizes, so, if like me, you have “average” sized nails you can get two full sets out of each box. They are supposed to be “ultra-thin” and flexible. Since I do not have much experience with false nails I cannot say, though they look neither chunky nor paper thin.
To apply these nails, you first must go through the sizes which are printed on the back of the nails and figure out which sizes work best with what nails. Then, onto a clean nail, you must put on the sticker, and then the nail and press for ten second. The problem is the sticker, though. While the directions say each sicker is labeled, it is not. There are two sheets of stickers that are the inverse of each other that are in a plastic sleeve that is labeled. Because of this I was a bit confused and put the wrong size on a couple, but it doesn’t really matter as long as you are close. These stickers are really sticky though, so you can’t just peal them off with your hands or anything. There is a little plastic stick in the box which I used the very tip of to lift off the sticker from the sheet, apply to my nail, then press on top with my finger, remove the top seal, and then apply the nail. After I got through a couple, it was easy to do the rest.

When I first wore them they seemed really dramatic and long, but when viewed as part of my entire appearance, they were not that dramatic. I even got a few complements! Picking things up was a bit difficult for the first day, but then I got used to it. I was able to eat, go to class, put on my clothing etc. just as easily as with my regular nails and never had to worry about them popping off. Over the course of the week though, bits of food, makeup etc. kept getting between the false nail and my real one because there is a gap. This, plus the fact that some polish was chipping off (mostly just major tip wear) made me change them after a week of wear. They could have feasibly lasted up to two weeks.

The removal process was the only thing stopping me from wearing these things every week. It was a pain! The box says to simply drop some acetone around the nails and they should “gently slide off”. Ummm, no. I applied acetone around the edges, in between the false and real nail, I dunked my nails in acetone, and still had to take the plastic stick and basically peel them off. This broke the false nail, the plastic stick, felt really weird, and took a long time. They didn’t damage my real nails though.

Overall, I like this product. I like how you can get two sets out of this kit, the ease of applying them, and how long and strongly they last. The only problem is removal which could have been easier. For only a dollar these were quite the steal! I wish I had bought more than two sets. 

Friday, October 10, 2014

Review and Swatch: MN MeNow Generation II Long Lasting Lipgloss in 25, 26, 33

When I ordered my last Menow lipstick in 03 I also order these three but from a different seller so they came a few days later. I bought these off of ebay for around $1 each and can be bought by many sellers; there is no direct way to order from the company that I have seen.

25 is a bright neon blue toned pink. This one comes to the best finish of all of them. It has an almost velvety appearance which makes me think a lot of the Lime Crime Velveteen in Pink Velvet.

26 is a medium peachy-nude. It is very similar to 03 but more orange toned.

33 is a brick/ brown toned dark red. It reminds me of Lime crime Velveteen in Wicked.

All of these come to a matte finish and last a long time. They come with a doe-foot applicator but I have found using a stiff lip brush yields the best results.  They are not overly drying on the lips, but if I wear them for too long my lips to feel rough.

The best way to remove these is to use a make-up remover meant for waterproof products. Another way is to fist apply a lip balm, wait a few minutes, then remove with a damp cloth or make-up wipe. Adding a balm or gloss breaks down the liquid lipstick so it can be removed easier, but it also mean you can move the pigment around like for a touch up, or just wear it glossy!

#25 is my favorite of all the colors and the one I most recommend. I do also like 33, but since it’s so dark it can look patchy very easily. 26 I like for a nude lip, but I hate it matte. Instead I always wear it glossy.

For around $1, these “lip glosses” are a cheap thrill. They perform decently and can be worn both matte and glossy. I would recommend these to anyone just wanting to try something new, or if you love the look of the Lime Crime Velveteens and want a $1 alternative to a $20 product. I have not tried the Velveteens though, I am only judging based on photographs. 

Edit: See my previous post about this brand here!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Recipe: Orange Blossom Scented Cookies

This may be a bit strange, but I’m obsessed with flower waters and floral foods in general. I already have rose water, rose tea, lavender earl grey, dried violets for tea and candied violets for decoration and, recently during my stay in London, I picked up Laduree’s  Matilde tea which is orange blossom water flavored.  This, of course made me buy orange blossom water (found at my local endian grocer) which is an ingredient in some recipes from my laduree cook book. I wanted to start with a simple recipe first so I made Orange Blossom Scented Butter Cookies.
The recipe I followed is from this website:
I used a half form of this recipe as followed (aka the transcribed recipe below is half of the recipe shown on the original site); it makes about 20 cookies:
·         125 grams butter (room temperature) <- this is an absolute must!
·         125 grams powdered sugar
·         1/2 eggs (room temperature) (about 2 Tablespoons of beaten egg)
·         325 grams flour (sifted)
·         milk (splash) or, enough to bring the dough together
·         1/2 tsp orange flower water
1.    Mix all ingredients together, form the dough into a ball, cover, and refrigerate 1 hour. (I found it easiest to mix all the dry together, then mix in butter with my hands and then add the flower water and then enough milk to make a dough form)
2.    Preheat the oven to 180 degrees Celsius. (which is about 355 Fahrenheit)
3.    Line a baking sheet with parchment paper.
4.    Roll the ball out into 1/2 centimeter thickness and cut out shapes with your favorite cookie cutter. Lay each cookie on the baking sheet.
5.    Bake 10 minutes until golden. Let cool on a wire rack before enjoying.
At this point I tasted the cookies and found that they were too plain; so I added a glaze. It includes:
About ½ c. powdered sugar, ½ tsp orange flower water and about 2 tsp water. You want to add just enough water to form a thick, but drizzable paste. If it is too thin add more sugar because otherwise it will not dry. I mixed this with a fork.
I find these cookies to have a very feint orange flower taste; to make them to my liking I might add a full teaspoon of the water to the cookies next time. They really are more “scented”! The glaze I also find is really necessary because the cookies are also a bit dry. I find they taste good but are improved to quite lovely with the addition of a nice cup of tea or a chai latte.
Overall, I find this recipe to have been very successful! This is a great way to introduce others to orange blossom flower water (my dad has been converted; my mom still thinks it tastes like perfume) and are quite tasty.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Review: Dean’s List Vox Box

Recently I was chosen to participate in another Vox Box from Influenster!  For those who don’t know, Influenster is a website where you can share your view and opinions by reviewing products. If you are a consistent reviewer of quality content (and you are a bit lucky!) you can get chosen for Vox Boxes which are full of free products for you to try! In this post I will be doing a brief review of all the products found in the box; I may also do an extended review on some of the products I really liked. If there are any products you want a long review on, just comment down below.
Airheads Bites: This candy is like a cross between a skittle and a starburst. It is the great airhead taste and texture, but in a small candy size. I really enjoyed these. I actually sat down and ate the entire bag when I meant to only taste one of every flavor. I do love airheads, but my only problem is they can be messy and unless you want to eat a lot, you only get one flavor. These bites solve both of these problems. I will buy again; my favorite flavors are lemon and blue raspberry.
Pilot FriXion clicker: When I first saw these I was like “Wow, a pen, so cool.” (note the irony) but I can to realize Yes, they are cool! These are not ordinary pens; they are erasable gel pens. These are not the erasable pens of the 90’s no, these actually erase! I find these very helpful with my school especially when professors prefer things to be written in pen, but you have problems spelling like me. Also good for official documents.
Sinful Colors in “No Text Red”: I love sinful colors nail polish, I really do. It lasts a long time without chipping and is always very opaque. This polish is no different. It is a basic red cream, so if you are like me you already have a few others in your stash, but it does its job well. I always recommend sinful colors, and it’s for a good cause. Remember, Don’t Text and Drive!
Softlips Cube in Pomegranate Blueberry: In this box there was a chance to get one of the three new flavors of softlips cube lip balm. I go the berry scent which is good, because I prefer berry over mint or vanilla! It has a truly wonderful scent, not strong but noticeable. I have never used the softlips formula before, but I find I really like it. It is a cross between a more thin, greasy formula like Carmex (which is still like) and a thicker formula like Burt’s bees. I find it lasts longer than carmex, but not as long as Burt’s and moisturizes well.  The packaging is cute, but I always worry about nicking the product with the lid since it stick out!
Playtex Sport Fresh Balance Tampons: Well, what can I say? Playtex is a great brand of tampon, and their sport style is well known for being the best at stopping leaks. I do like the odor shield though I know some people find fragrance irritating.
Luden’s Blue Raspberry throat drops: in this box I could have either received these or a new covergirl foundation. I can’t deny I’m a bit disappointed on missing out on the foundation, but this is still a good product! This flavor is available exclusively at Target and it’s a good one! I’m often tired of the choices between honey and cherry when it comes to throat drop, and since I suffer from a sore throat often in the winter, I think I deserve more flavors! This flavor is great; it’s not too strong, but almost comforting, like a milder version of your favorite Dum-Dum as a child. And it does soothe my throat, yay!
Kiss Looks So Natural Lashes: I’ve wanted to try out false lashes for a time since my own are so limp and weak. I was a bit intimidated by the process though and didn’t want to spend the money on what may not be a good brand. These, though, look super lush! And they are dramatic! I didn’t have any troubles applying these at all; the glue included was actually really good. They are not “feather-light” to my untrained eyelashes, but they are not heavy or unbearable. They make my eyes look super big, but are not what I’d call natural looking. Great for a night out though!
I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

Review and Swatch: Wet n Wild Urban Night Megalast Lipstick (34425) Limited Edition Fall 2014

I have been looking everywhere for this collection; at least 10 stores in total many of which I had to really go out of my way to get to. When I finally found the collection, my number one product was sold out buy my dear number two was still there. The collection was the Limited Edition Wet n’ wild Fall 2014 and the lipstick I was able to get is Urban Night.

Urban Night (34425) is a deep color that crosses the line between a red and a berry. The best description I can give you is a sort of Oxblood.

While this is a matte lip color, like all megalasts, it goes on extremely smooth without catching on dead skin. It is also not drying and has no scent.
The packaging in this limited edition collection is unlike the usual black plastic tube. While it still had a clear plastic lid, the tube part is a sort of matte rubberized finish. I find it feels better in the hand and looks  a bit nicer than the standard packaging.

Since this color is pretty in line what I’d normally but, I decided to put a few colors alongside to see any similarities. Surprisingly, this is actually a unique color for my collection. The other colors I put beside it are Wet n Wild 918D cherry bomb, which is more purple and darker, and 911D stoplight red which is much brighter, lighter, and redder.

I have to say I do love this lipstick. It is a beautiful color for fall and the pigmentation and formula are fantastic. I really wish I could have also picked up Bordeaux Boulevard (my #1) but at least Urban night is also fantastic!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Review and Swatch: Milani Limited Edition Lipstick in Enchanted Amethyst Fall 2014

I can’t believe I actually got a hold of this lipstick. I have the absolute worst record when it comes to finding limited edition products; I don’t know if I’ve ever been able to except for maybe once! I’m currently trying to find a few collections from wet n’ wild and have gone to 4 CVS’s, 6 rite-aids, a walgreens (where I found this!) and a k-mart and only managed one lipstick, but that I will discuss in a future post!
I found this lipstick at Walgreens where I found that the display only carries two of each lipstick so it’s no wonder that people have been frantically trying to find it. The collection is called the bedazzled collection.  At Walgreens it was $4.14 before taxes.

Enchanted Amethyst is a medium, warmed toned purple with a matte finish. I mean a matte finish; this is the most immediately matte thing I own! It is also supposed to be a dupe for MAC’s RiRi Boy according to an Instagram post and also a matte version of MAC’s Up the Amp.

It goes on extremely creamy and nice for a matte lipstick and doesn’t dry my lips out. It is also extremely pigmented and only one swipe is necessary for full opaque coverage. The lipstick smells of vanilla. The packaging is gold with a clear cap so you can see the lipstick. The packaging seems sturdy but otherwise I have no other strong feelings about it.

I absolutely love this color on, though at first I thought I might have other lipsticks similar, so I swatched it against some others. Starting from the top there is Revlon Berry Couture which is too sheer and too light, MAC Violetta which is a bit bluer and is iridescent, and then NXY violet which is not matte and much too blue and a bit lighter. The last color is Enchanted Amethyst.

Overall, I absolutely love this color! It is very wearable for me, and I am a sucker for a nice matte finish. Four dollars was nothing to spend on what I would call a MAC quality lipstick; I wouldn’t be surprised it this wore better that RiRi Boy. While this may be hard to find; if you see it, get it!