Saturday, February 28, 2015

Review and Swatch: MN Menow Generation II Long Lasting Lip Gloss in #18 and #22 (Lime Crime Cashmere Dupe?)

If you haven’t already, you can check hour my other review on this product here and here.
It’s been several months since I last bought Menow Generation lip glosses, but with the recent resurgence in matte liquid lipstick products and more experience in using them, I decided to pick up another couple of colors.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Review: Holika Holika Pig Clear Black Head 3-step Kit

I, like many people suffering from acne have annoying black heads and gunk in the pores of my nose. I have tried the biore pore strips which are okay, but I wanted to try something a little different. Asian Beauty products have become very popular lately and one I heard really good things about is the brand Holika Holika. When browsing Ebay, I found the Holika Holika Pig Clear Black Head 3-step Kit for purchase for only $1.18 and free shipping.
size comparison

As the name implies, this is a three step kit. The directions on the packet are all unreadable to me so I recommend you to read the website instructions here before starting.
The first step is a wet cloth to be applied to the nose for about fifteen minutes. This is supposed to open your pores.  I found that some vapors make my eyes sting and water a bit but not badly. This could be because it has witch hazel, peppermint and various extracts.
The second part is the actual removal bit where you wet your nose and apply the dry cloth (I did sticky side down which I assume is correct?) for fifteen minutes. This step hardened to by nose almost like a cast. While removing it, it hurt a very little, like a band-aid, because it pulled out little hairs from my nose. It did work very well though. There was visible evidence (gross, I know) and my nose feels very smooth.
The last step was a weird gel like nose mask. It was a bit cooling because of the gel nature; it was damp and slimy. You leave this on for fifteen minutes and then are supposed to pat in any extra moisture.
step three

Overall, this definitely worked. My nose feels cleaner and smoother. It is also sort of a novelty thing for people like me who have never used Asian beauty products. It is more expensive than Biore and takes a month or so to get to the US from China depending on your shipping method. I can see myself buying this again from Ebay, since it was the cheapest there. I just wish I could find this in stores.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Review and Swatch: Zoya Mystery Trio Charlott and Zoya Anja

Today I will be reviewing the last shade of the mystery trio and one shade from the permanent line that I also got as part of that order. Charlott, the mystery shade, is not part of the permanent line and is exclusive to this promotion.
Charlott is an antique off white/bone/ light beige. I basically reminds me of old paper or white cloth with the slightest of tea staining.
The brush was the same as the other member of the trio (average) and the formula was actually a little thinner than the others. Since it is so pale, I was a little worried about coverage, but it was perfectly opaque in two coats. It survived four days with only minor tip wear.
Anja is part of the permanent line and is a very deep red/purple berry.

On the nails Anja is actually a bit darker than the bottle and so it’s a color that makes you wonder if it is more purple or red. The brush is the same size as the minis and I think the formula is just a little thicker than average. It covered opaquely in two coats. After four days there was a little chipping, but nothing serious.

Overall, I’m very happy with both of these colors. I see using Charlott as an accent, like I did in my Valentine’s Day nails, and Anja near constantly on all my nails in the fall and winter. 

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Review and Swatch: Zoya Anais (Mystery Trio 2015)

As part of a promotion Zoya had a set of three mystery shades that you could get with three full sized shades for $15. One of these shades I will be reviewing here- Anais. The other shade (and the permanent Zoya shades I also got in the order) I will be reviewing later.  This shade is exclusive to this promotion and not part of the permanent line though may be available later.
In the bottle it is hard to tell what color Anais is. It looks like a slightly iridescent gun metal grey; it is almost black. When I first swatched it on paper it had a brownish  tone. When I first applied it to my nails the first coat looked like a very dark brown. On the second coat it one again became nearly black.

Anais is a brown toned black with the slightest amount of iridescence that only serves to make it look glossier.
Once again, even though a mini, the brush was of a normal size and the formula was average. I could have gotten away with two coats, but I added a third one because there appeared to be a few places that were lighter than others.  It dried pretty quickly and after four days of wear only had a little bit of tip wear.
Overall, Anais is a great shade. From a distance it just looks black, and I love black nail polish, but up close it is more complex. It lasts a long time and goes on easily.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Review and Swatch: Zoya mini Severin (2015 mystery shade)

As part of a promotion Zoya had a set of three mystery shades that were part of an order. One of these shades I will be reviewing here: Severin. The other two shades (and the permanent Zoya shades I also got in the order) I will be reviewing later.  This shade is exclusive to this promotion and not part of the permanent line though may be available later.
Severin is an antique gold metallic shade. This is not a yellow gold; it has a slightly grey undertone.

While this bottle is small (since it’s a mini) I had no problems applying this polish. The brush is a normal size. This applied very well, it was semi-opaque of the first layer and very opaque and perfect (no visible brush strokes) after two. This polish dried quickly and after four days of wear I had no chipping just some tip wear which is really good for me.

This formula was really great! This makes me very excited about my other Zoya products.  

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Review and Swatch: Zoya 2015 Mystery Shades Unboxing

In the beginning of January Zoya had a fantastic promotion that you could get three full sized nail colors of your own choice and get three mini mystery shades for free and only pay $15 for shipping. Since I do not own any Zoya polishes but have heard great things about them, I jumped on this offer since normally their polishes are $9-$10. Just today it finally came in the mail. It took almost a month which isn't ideal but I heard they got swamped with orders and in the disclaimer it did warn that it could take up to five weeks for delivery.

The shades I picked out were full sized (0.5 fl oz):
Neeka- grey lavender with gold fine glitter/shimmer
Aurora- medium orchid with multi-colored fine glitter/shimmer
Anja- very dark berry creme

The mystery mini shades (0.25 oz) are: *note these are all exclusive to this promotion and not part of the main line

Anais- slightly olive/brown toned dark gunmetal grey
Severin- antique gold iridescent
Charlotte- bone; antique khaki white

I have to say, I'm very happy with these colors. While I tend to ignore gold, tans, and browns, I think these will go very nicely with the other colors I have. They all feel very antique, medieval, and kind of steampunk. They also go together beautifully.
size comparison

In the future I will be reviewing each color separately. I hope you found this swatching and unboxing helpful!