Monday, September 30, 2013

Every day full coverage make-up Product list and costs

These are estimated costs, prices vary by region and stores. Always look for coupons in local papers and for deals in local stores. Remember that Ulta often has a $3.50 off $10 coupon in their flyer and online.

Biore combination skin balancing cleanser: $5.50 (walmart)
Neutrogena spf 15 moisturizer: $10 (CVS)
Revlon Photoready primer: $10 (Target)
Revlon Colorstay Foundation: $9.50 (target)
Real Techniques expert face brush: $10 (ulta)
Elf essential concealer wand: $1 (target)
Elf essential eyelid primer: $1 (target)
Wet n Wild Coverall stick concealer: $1.99 (Rite aid)
L’oreal True match foundation powder: $8.50 (target)
Palladio translucent rice powder: $5 (ulta)

(“Other” non-coverage make-up)
NYC bronzer “sunny” : $2.79 (cvs)
Wet n’ Wild blush in Pearlescent pink: $2.99 (cvs)
Eyeshadow: Various
Elf essential liquid eyeliner in black: $1 (target)
Mascara; Maybelline Falsies in black drama: $7 (target)

Wet n’ wild Megalast lipstick in Sugar Plum fairy: $1.99 (cvs)

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Full coverage make-up look (everyday full coverage foundation)

While I do not have acne now, I had a lot of acne over the years, and continue to this day to have red hyper pigmentation visible on my face. Because of this I needed to develop a full coverage make-up routine. I will be showing you this today with pictures.
Something I find in common between many similar posts is that they all use expensive products. Mine is not so; I cannot afford extremely expensive makeup so I had to learn to work with drugstore brands. Nothing in this tutorial was over $10.
The first step is to wash your face with your preferred face wash ( I use biore combination skin balancing wash), then apply moisturizer (Neutrogena spf 15) and them primer (Revlon photoready primer).  In this picture you can see my “naked” skin and my blemishes.

Next I apply my foundation (Revlon 24 hour colorstay)in a stippling motion all over my face and down my neck. I use the real techniques expert face brush. I blend the makeup down my neck so there is no obvious line. This step blends out my skin tone and covers light blemishes.

After that, I apply my concealer. I use elf’s essential concealer wand for my under eyes and elf’s essential primer to prime my lids. On my blemishes I use wet n’ wild’s concealer stick. This is a solid, waxy, stick concealer. To use this I rub my finger pad in it until it “melts” then pat in onto my face until I reach my desired level of coverage. For my type of blemishes I find my finger superior to a brush. I also tend to not “over cover” my blemishes or face because I don’t want it to look mask like. So I let a few spots just show through.

Next I powder my face. Overtop my wet n wild concealer I use L’oreal True match powder foundation applied with a powder puff. This covers the slightly pale or “pink” tint of the concealer and brings warmth to my face while giving a bit more coverage. Around my eyes, nose, edges of my face and my neck I use Palladio translucent rice powder. I also use both these powders for the purpose of matte ness in addition to setting my foundation products.

That is the last step for coverage purposes. The rest I do for color and style. I do think that people who use full coverage foundation should at least put on blush and mascara. Foundation takes away all your natural color and glow making you look colorless and sick. It also negates some of your natural shadow so your eyes can get lost in your face so you will want to emphasize them.

I hope you found this helpful! I will make another post will the product names and estimated prices. I will also write a post about how I got clear skin.

Thank you!

Friday, September 27, 2013

Review and Swatch: Wet n’ Wild Megalast nail polish in Bite the Bullet

Bite the Bullet is another Megalast polish that I absolutely adore. This was probably my most worn polish this summer. Bite the Bullet is pure purple lavender and very much in season this year. The formula on this polish is fantastic; it is nearly opaque in one coat and is completely opaque in two. This polish lasts me a week on my nails.

The Megalast line is my favorite line and part of the reason is the wide brush; though I know it is not everyone’s favorite. The Megalast line is full of great polishes that retail for $1.99 at most drugstores. I would definitely recommend this polish.

For more information on megalast polishes see my review on the color “Through the Grapevine”. 

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Dr. Martens Cassidy Boot review black on black

Docs have long been a shoe icon; a favorite of the rockers, punks, and Goths since the 60’s. Now their style has become more mainstream, but hasn’t completely lost its edge. Docs are the type of shoes that can last you a lifetime with their leather bodies and secure stitching. I got my first (and currently only) pair of Doc Martens last October and have been wearing them ever since.

The style that I have is called the Cassidy and comes in black on either purple, red, or black. I have black on black. The book is the standard mid-calf leather boot with a shiny design of skulls and damask-style pattern.  They also have the standard Doc bouncing sole and black and yellow tag. These shoes are comfortable in the extreme as any wearer of Docs knows; they are more comfortable than sneaker and much cooler. My favorite way to wear them is with a short skirt and tights.

close up on design

These boots retail for about $120 dollars. To get a good deal I recommend finding a few online retailers that sell these boots and wait until they have a sale and snatch them up then. I was able to get these for about $60 with free shipping.
Many people online will be quick to agonize over the process of breaking these type of boots in, but I didn’t find it to be so. The day after I got these in the mail I wore these with regular thickness tights and went about my day at university which usually means about an hour or walking in 15 minute bursts. I had no problems whatsoever. No chaffing, rubbing, or blisters. After a few weeks they leather became soft and conformed to my foot shape.
I wouldn’t say these boots have any downside. The have the classic cool Dr. Martens look with a bit of a spooky twist. They are comfortable, have a good grip and are water resistant. They are a bit expensive and can be hard to find if you want to buy in person; but they are an investment and if you can find a website with a sale and a good returns policy it will not be a struggle.
Overall, these are great shoes; one of my favorites. The will last you years and years and are so classic as to never go out of style.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Outfit of the Day

Cardigan: ?
Dress: Hot Topic
Boots: Volatile
I really love mixing patterns! In this case it's stripes and polka dots/skulls.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Appliance Review: Bella Single serve “one scoop” brew coffee maker

... or why you really don't need a Keurig

For the last few years the single cup coffee maker has dominated the coffee maker market. The popularity of the Keurig coffee machine has led to an influx of various brands of pod coffee machines. This rise in popularity and the almost “common” and “essential” status of these machines led to my father receiving one for a Christmas present.  At first I was impressed; I could simply reach my hand into a box and choose one of many varieties and flavors of coffee, for myself and only myself! Past the initial novelty though, I was and am not fond of the Keurig or pod machines. Firstly they are expensive; the basic models start at $100. Also the pods (or k-cups that for the keurig specific) are also pricey; for a basic brand they are a little over 50 cents apiece. While this isn’t much individually; it can add up if you drink a lot of coffee, or you buy specialty brand pods. I also dislike the flavor. This for me is my biggest issue. The flavor of keurig coffee has a distinct sour/burnt taste. This is my biggest pet peeve when it comes to coffee: acidic taste.

This Bella coffee maker though, has none of those problems. It is cheap, about $20, and comes with a permanent filter so it is unnecessary to buy paper ones, and can use any coffee. The coffee maker also has the added bonus of coming with a coffee cup, a solid 2 cup sized mug. From this machine I have never had sour coffee. I think that the water does not come out as hot, or maybe the pressure of the water going through the cup in keurigs cause it. While this machine doesn’t make coffee faster than a keurig, I have not noticed it taking any longer, or at least a significantly longer amount of time.

(Extra tip: If you like a bold blend use French roast; it tends to be lest acidic than other dark blends.)
a view of the inside; the water well is in the far back. The front features the permanent and re-usable filter.

With this machine I use Maxwell house French Roast. An 11oz. can cost me $3.39 and makes between 80-90 cups of coffee. That comes out to about four cents per cup. If I bought the exact same coffee in pod form I would be paying about 60 cents ($7.49 for a pack of 12). This machine also causes less waste. The pod machines use up plastic for every cup and more cardboard etc. from the box packaging (7 boxes would equal one can of regular coffee). Since the Bella has a reusable filter it uses even less waste than a traditional drip machine that uses paper filters. The filter is also very easy to clean; just dump the grounds in the trash (though I recommend waiting a few minutes because of steam build up) and rinse under warm water.

Overall, I think this machine is great. With this I can make cheap cups of coffee that I can flavor with whatever I like (creamers, syrups etc.) without getting the horrid sour taste from pod machines. I would defiantly recommend this machine to anyone in the market for a single serve coffee marker and it is great for dorms since many college dorms do not allow burners like those found on many conventional drip brewers. While this may not be fancy (though it does come in multiple colors if that is a selling point!) neither really is a keurig when you think about it.
This sells at most department stores and Walmart.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Outfit of the day: Museum Trip

Today I took a trip down to the Carnegie Museum of Art and Natural History. this is what I wore:

Cardigan: Forever 21
Sweater: Forever 21
Skirt: Forever21
Belt: target
Flats: Target

Lipstick: Va Va Violet by Revlon

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Review: ELF Studio line brushes

I love elf brushes in general; they are cheap, easy to find and overall good brushes. The studio brush line though, is great. The regular essential line elf brushes have a white handle and different colored bristles depending on the brush (I have both yellow and brown bristle brushes). These brushes are good, but not fantastic and retail for $1. I’ll review the ones I have later. The studio line retails for $3 a brush and all the brushes have black handles and black bristles. The big difference though, is the feel. While the essential brushes aren’t rough per say, the studio brushes are super soft; softer than my real techniques brush. These are the brushes I would recommend most overall, and are definitely worth it when it comes to big brushes like powder, blush, foundation etc. Most of the eye brushes don’t appear much different.
I own three studio line brushes: The studio powder brush (flat topped), the studio blush brush, and the studio small angles brush.

The powder brush is very dense and doesn’t shed (like all the studio brushes I have tried). I use it to set my foundation and concealer with my Palladio translucent rice powder. This brush enables be to really pick up the loose powder through the holes in the packaging and set my make-up. I do not “brush” my face with this or sweep; instead I pat or stipple it on my face. I have also heard of this being used for liquid foundation. I think this brush would be a bit big for my face to be used with foundation.

The blush brush is equally dense and soft as the powder brush. It tapers at the end giving it a gradual rounded end. It works very well with my blush and would work well with bronzer or highlighter too.
I use the small angled brush for my eyebrows. I use this brush to apply powder to fill them in. I looked for several brushes for this job, and the angled brush I bought was not stiff enough or slender enough to give me precise application. I then looked at elf brushes and the essential line angled eye brush was too fluffy and flexible to do the job, so I bought the studio brush. It is perfect! The bristles are dense and stiff; I have owned this brush for a year or so and have used it almost every day since and have washed it many times; it has not splayed or lost bristles! This is an eye brush that I would recommend buying from this line; it is very precise.
Overall, these are fantastic brushes! For only three dollars you get brushes that rival the big name and expensive brush lines. Anyone who is a beginner, also, can afford them and have a good experience using make-up brushes! I hope to buy more form this line soon. I buy my elf products at Target.
What is your favorite elf brush? What is your favorite brush line/brand?

Friday, September 20, 2013

Food review: Naked Power Garden Berry Veggie Juice

The fruit flavored juice drink has been around for years in an attempt to convince people to drink their daily vegetables. This has also been a failure in most cases for me; because I can still taste the vegetables in a juice drink like V8 plus fruit. Needless to say, I was quite skeptical when I saw that naked had come out with a fruit flavored vegetable drink. Honestly this blew me out of the water; it tastes like fruit!

The taste of this drink is definitely fruity with no hint of vegetables, but it isn’t sweet. It is tart, probably because of the cherries it contains. Also, it has a bit of a not-quite-grainy texture. If you have tried their protein juices it has a hint of that, but not nearly has strong as that texture. I think this is from the chickpeas.  While I’m not a fan of those juicing crazes that makes juice out to be some type of healthy wonder food; this drink is quite healthy. The bottle claims in contains a pound worth of vegetables in every bottle. By my estimations, that is 3 servings of vegetables. It also is a lower calorie juice than most; it 250 calories per 16 oz bottle. It also contains many vitamins, fiber, and protein. It has no added sugar.

This juice retails for about $3, which is on the mid-high end for the juices I have available to me. Overall, I would not call this a meal-replacement or anything, but it is a great juice to drink if you really want some juice, and for a vegetable juice drink it tastes nothing of vegetables. I would highly recommend.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Outfit of the Day (OOTD)

my outfit of the day!
Cardigan: Forever 21 (thrifted)
Dress: Forever 21
shoes: steve madden "praque"

Lipstick: ravin' Raisin Wet n' Wild Megalast

NYX round case lipstick in Minimalism

About every quarter Ulta sends out rewards certificates to those customers who have spent more than $50; there are different levels, but I have only ever gotten to level one. Ulta recently added a new free product to the level one reward: Nyx Round case lipsticks in a few colors. I remember strawberry milk, tea rose, and B52 being listed. When I got to Ulta the case was very picked over so the sales assistant told me that I could pick any color and they would redeem it for the certificate (instead of just the listed colors). I had been looking for B52, or a few other colors I had seen online, but due to the very limited quality of choices and the knowledge I would not be able to get back to Ulta before the certificate expired I just tried to find one without sparkle. Many of the Nyx lipsticks in this range have sparkle; also, as a note, there is no seal on these lipsticks so you can see inside at the real color, and also should check that there are no signs of prior testing of the lipstick.
The color I got was Minimalism; it is a pink/peachy/nude. It has no sparkle. The lipstick is quite a nice color, and the only “nude” lip color that I like on myself. “Tan nudes” look horrible on me. The formula on this lipstick is ok; it has its pros and cons. One good thing about it is that it really glides onto the lips without really snagging on dried skin; I would actually advise not putting on lip balm before this, or making sure the lip balm has fully absorbed. If I have a damp lip balm on the lipstick just glides on over top; not leaving much color. This lipstick also didn't feather on me (though no lipstick has so far) and doesn’t migrate from my lips. I also find the size/shape of the stick easy to apply. The main bad thing about this product is its tendency for deterioration. While this lipstick isn’t drying or matte, it acts similar to a matte lipstick when it comes into contact with liquid or food: it flakes off and doesn’t apply easily to a still damp mouth. It also is hard to layer so you much completely remove the color before reapplying.  

The packaging is very cute with a black plastic tube with white writing. The color name appears on a sticker on the top and you can see the shade through a plastic bit on the bottom. This color is reasonably accurate, but not always identical. These lipsticks usually retail for about $3.99. Nyx products are often on sale for BOGO 50% off at Ulta. Overall, this is a decent product and I would buy these again (especially if I was already picking up a product and needed something to boost my purchase to over $10 so I could use the Ulta coupon.) The colors that I saw when I picked this one up were not exceptional (an contained a lot of glitter) but I’m sure if the display was not so picked over I would have been easily able to find a few more shades that I liked.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Review and swatch: Nichole by OPI Special K exclusive color: Challenge Red-y

Have you ever looked at those boxes of Special K cereal that claimed that with just three box codes you could get a free nail polish and wondered if it was true? Did you have to pay extra? Was it a good product? Well, I’m going to answer them today.
The basic idea is that if you buy three Special K products with the nail polish advertisement on them you will find three codes and using them, you can get a free nail polish (or with 8 you can get all three). This is true. Inside the box of cereal or snack bars there is a line of numbers and letters written in black/ dark grey inside the box. Write these down. This promotion has been going on for a while and I believe with continue for a decent time yet. If you are like my family, you are a special K fiend and may already have three of the boxes in your pantry. After you have the codes you have to make an account on This is a free account and will send you coupons etc. if you wish. You can opt out of the emails, I believe, because either I did that or they just haven’t sent me an e-mail yet, though it’s been a month! After that you simply input the codes and a reward will show up in your basket, which you then accept and put in your address. There is no shipping cost. It said that it would take 4-8 weeks for delivery, but I got mine in about a week!
If you put in only three codes, your only option of polish is the red (the other two polishes being a teal and a pink. The red polish is a bright, neutral, red crème. It is not a special color; I already have a similar one in my collection, but it is a useful color.
with flash

natural light

The nail polish has a good formula, neither runny nor tacky, and is nearly opaque in one coat and is good in two. The brush is very nice, in my opinion; while it is not as large as my beloved wet n’ wild Megalast polishes, it is slightly larger than you standard brush. This makes application quick and easy. The bottle has the traditional Nicole by OPI shape; I think the bottle is cool looking and sets itself from other polishes; it also makes itself more cumbersome to be stored and is harder to hold that the traditional bottle shape.

Overall, the polish is very good; it has a good formula and brush and is free! I would totally recommend taking advantage of this promotion to get your nail polish. I also recommend the Special K Red Berries cereal; it’s my favorite!
For reference Nicole by OPI polishes usually retail for $7.99.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Steve Madden Praque leather studded booties Review

I might have a new favorite pair of shoes! *gasp* About a month ago I bought a pair of Steve Madden booties at Bon Ton during a big shoe clearance sale. The ankle boots are the Praque booties in black leather. They also come is black suede and tan suede that I know of. While they seem to retail for between $100 and $140 online depending on website I managed to snag them for about $33 because of the sale; they were reduced then and additional 75% off.
The bootie is a black leather (real leather) ankle boot with a silver studded toe and a zipper in the inner side. The heel is very small, maybe ½ inch, and the heel/sole itself is quite hard and sturdy. It is also not very bendable so it tends to make a bit of a “clack” noise when walking; similar to a high heel sound. They are very comfortable to walk in. The only problem I had is that the toe gradually narrows to an almond/ round shape and my feet are quite wide so sometimes the outside edge by the toes rubs my little toe, but not badly. I have worn them all day walking well over an hour in total and have had a sore toe but no blisters or anything. They have not rubbed the back of my ankle; something that happens to me often, so I’m very happy.

Overall these are great boots that I would recommend to anyone who wants a pair of easy to walk in, comfortable, leather ankle boots. These boots fit a variety of styles; they are quite “edgy” but not so much that someone with a not usually “edgy” style wouldn't be able to fit them into their wardrobe. I got them for a great price and if you look around a few websites online, you could probably find them for under $100. These will be a staple through fall and winter, though I have been wearing them this summer, and will wear them in spring. They will be especially on trend this fall, though, I think.
I hope you found this helpful!

Name Change

With the way this blog has been going, I have decided to change my blog title from Anachronistic Anglophile to Artistic Artifice. I am going to focus mainly on beauty and fashion, but am still going to talk about my trip to London this January and study abroad stuff in general. I hope this didn't cause much confusion for anyone! Thank you!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Review and Swatch: Wet n’ Wild blush in Pearlescent Pink

As I’ve mentioned before, I love many products form Wet n’ Wild. My favorite blush is Pearlescent Pink; this is the color I wear every day. This blush is a peachy-pink with gold shimmer/glitter. The gold glitter doesn’t show up as glitter on the cheek as it looks in the pan. Instead it just gives a gold shine to the product. This makes the product “glow” on your cheeks. This blush retails for $2.99.

The formula of this blush is very good, it is smooth and easy to apply and is very pigmented, so you will want to use a light hand if you just want a subtle blush. You could really work this product to a high pigmentation on the cheeks. The blush is also easy to blend out and soften. I do not use the brush it comes with though; instead I use the Elf studio Blush brush. The packaging is sleek, but nothing to right home about; it looks a bit cheap.

This blush is also a dupe for NARS Deep Throat blush. While I do not own this blush here is a picture and a link to a blog that has a very clear image:
This blush has also been likened to NARS Orgasm, but is closer to Deep throat.
my swatches

I hope you found this review helpful! What is your favorite blush?
wearing Pearlescent Pink

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Review and Swatches: Victoria’s Secret Eye Shadow Quad in Satisfied

The Victoria’s Secret Eye Shadow Quad “satisfied” retails for $20 in stores and online at The Quad contains a grey-taupe/ champagne color (Base), a medium/dark gray (crease), a white (highlight), and a black (lid). All the shades are pearl/shimmer/satin style finishes except the lid color which contains silver/blue sparkle.
The formula overall is ok. The lid and crease shades apply easily and with a good amount of pigmentation. The white shade is a bit chalky. The base shade is a bit tough and as such hard to get onto the brush and then onto the lid with a significant color pay off, but it can be worked with to get a good color with a couple layers. The black color can cause fallout. The crease shade is not that easily blend able.
The swatches are a single layer of color; on the right there is a strip of ELF essential eyelid primer.


The “directions” on how to apply the colors are not useful for me. The recommendation is to sweep the base color from lash line to brow, add lid color from lash line to crease, layer crease shade into your crease, and finally add the highlight shade onto brow bone and near tear duct. This gives you a very dramatic look, something suitable for only the most dramatic late night style looks.  Also the “Crease” shade doesn’t make much sense since I usually use my darkest she in my crease, but the crease shade in this palette is lighter than the lid shade.

How I wear this palette is to apply the base shade from lash line to crease, add the crease shade to my crease, and if I want even more depth, I sometimes add the lid shade to the outer end of my crease and lid “outer V” area.  I then add the highlight shade near my tear duct. This gives me a slightly “smoky” look, but is very easily wearable for daytime.
Overall this palette is ok. The formula of the shadow is not that great and the directions are bad. The colors can be used well is a little work is put into it and a good smoky eye shadow set is a good thing to have; but can be bought from any brand. the packaging is nice. The price on this is not worth it though. The only reason I got this was because I had a $20 Victoria’s secret credit to be used online and I had a gift card to use for the shipping price.  I would pass on this one.
Has anyone else had bad experiences with Victoria’s secret makeup products? Good ones?

Monday, September 9, 2013

My Wet n' Wild megalast nail polishes

Here is my Megalast Nail Polishes from Wet m' Wild. This is my favorite range and I hope to own several more.
The colors are undercover (a dusky rose), Through the grapevine (bright purple fuchsia),  Bite the bullet (lavender/pastel purple), Disturbia (dark purple with shimmer), and on a trip (bright lilac).

My favorite color of this collection is either Bite the Bullet or Disturbia. My least favorite is On a Trip because it's so bright that it's a bit unwearable for me and it's a bit too blue for me too. I'll try to update this page and I do full reviews on each color. Each color is $1.99 at major drugstores and Walmart.
Through the Grapevine

Is their a specific color you would like for me to review first?