Thursday, October 31, 2013

OOTD: Halloween

My outfit today was inspired by the tradition of the memento mori.
The roses in my hair and on my belt symbolize life, the skeleton tights symbolize death, and my necklace watch is time.
Hair rose, skirt, necklace: Forever 21
Tights: Hot Topic
top: ?
Hair and make-up close up:
(I did a victory roll, and a suicide roll; my lipstick is cherry bomb by Wet n' wild.

Nail look: studded

Studs and gems have found a place in the nail art industry a lot lately, and I have gotten in on the trend. Once thing I do not have though, is nail glue. This is how I get by:
What you need:
Nail polish (the color you want your nails to be)
Nail gems/ studs
Clear top coat
Optional: super glue

First you want to paint your nails; today I used Sephora by OPI in On Stage. Now you want to let it dry. Now take out what ever studs/ gems you like. I got my faceted “hematite” colored gems at Prisms of Light on Etsy: here. They are $2.50 for 144 2mm “gems”.

Then you want to choose either to use just clear top coat or superglue. Clear top coat is something everyone probably has and does work, but takes longer and is more delicate. You cannot do anything rigorous with your hands for hours, preferably not until the next day. This includes taking a shower or washing dishes because the gem may fall off.  With superglue you are good to go in minutes.

If you are using top coat; spread a thin layer onto the area of you nail you want you studs to go. Then, wait 30 seconds to a minute for it to get tacky, and then apply the stud. Move it into the position you want and press down slightly. Then, let it dry for about 5 minutes.  After you believe the polish to be dry, carefully apply another layer of top coat to seal in the stud; making sure to get on top of and around the stud.

If you are using superglue carefully apply a small amount directly where you want the stud to go and, working quickly, apply the stud carefully on the spot; be accurate. After this, press it down slightly for 30 seconds or so or until the glue is dry. After this, I like to apply a layer of clear top coat to make sure it is completely sealed on. You may want to skip this though, if the reason you chose the glue method was so you didn’t have to interfere with a gem’s clarity or finish.

If I take the time to make sure everything is dry; these easily last me all week. When it is time to remove my nail polish I simply press the acetone dipped cotton ball over the studs and in a circular motion, clear away the nail polish around it and let it soak in underneath.  If it doesn’t lift easy; a pick of my nail and it is off.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

How I got Clear skin and what I use now

I started getting acne around the age of 12, and I wasn’t very worried. Where many of my friends faces turned bright red and had dozen of little white pimples all over their faces, I just had a few bumps here and there. The problem was, by the time I was 16 most of my friends were acne-less or close to it and I had the same amount of acne as ever.
My acne was never white or blackheads, but instead it was large bumps under my skin that often hurt and gave me chronic headaches, and they lasted forever. A single patch of acne would take weeks or even months to heal, and I really tried everything in the drugstore. I tried creams, and masks, and face washes, but all I got was patches of dry skin. By the time I was a senior in high school I had had enough.  I was determined to get medical help. Unfortunately this took until the summer after my first year in college to get and appointment.
So, my first tip and my primary tip is: GO TO THE DERMATOLOGIST!
The dermatologist was the only person that was able to give me what I needed. If you can in anyway afford it; go. For me, the only cost was a $40 copay per visit plus the costs of medications. Besides the medications, she also gave me some peace of mind. She assured me that I hadn’t done anything wrong or irrevocable.  That my type of acne (hormonal cystic) is extremely hard to cure, and that acne is more chronic than most people think. Most adults have acne.
The second thing she gave me was medication; an oral antibiotic. The first kind she gave me didn’t work; it just made me nauseous.  The second kind she gave me worked and it is what I am on now. This costs like $15 from a pharmacy.
The other medications she gave me were Finacea and Epiduo. These are both topicals meant to get rid of any acne that appears and to get rid of the redness on my face (because in addition to acne I also have red hyper pigmentation) and because these are both brand names that were expensive. One was $100 and the other was like $60. I got these in May and it is now October and I still have plenty left.  When I am done with these though, I may try going back to drugstore acne creams since I don’t get much active acne.
What has changed since May is that I no longer have any cystic acne. I now only get the occasional white head that is easily treated by the topicals. My skin still has a lot of red dots (pigmentation)but it is getting better and fading. Unfortunately this takes a long time to go away. My skin is also no longer dry and is back to its oily self.
Other products I use:
I wash my face between once and twice a day. Sometimes in the morning I simply splash my face with some warm water and pat dry instead of doing a face wash. Otherwise I like to use the Biore combination skin balancing wash. I also have the neutrogena oil free acne wash but since it is really drying I only use it once to twice a week if I start breaking out.  I also exfoliate with the St. Ives apricot scrub about once a week.  
If you get anything from this I want you to go to the Dermatologist even if you do not have cystic acne; see what they say. Also I want you to know that while some people just have to wash they face every once in a while to clear their skin that is not true for everyone; you are not weird and you are not doing anything wrong.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Red Lipsticks: Reviews and swatches

Red lipstick is always a statement. It is a color that draws the eye and is probably the color you think of when someone says “lipstick”. I own several red lipsticks each for different occasions.

The first two red lipsticks are my more casual everyday type lipsticks. They are my two red Revlon lip butters: Red velvet and Cherry Tart; for a full review of them go here.
Cherry tart is a sheer red with sparkle and Red velvet is darker, almost berry red.
Since they are sheer and moisturizing they are very easy to wear and touch up throughout the day. These are great if you are still not sure if you can or want to wear red lipstick.
red velvet

cherry tart

My next red lipstick is a version of the classic red crème: Wet n’ wild silk finish lipstick in Cinnamon.

This is a neutral to slightly cool toned red with great pigmentation and is very easy and slick to apply; for more information go: here.

My last red lipstick is a drugstore version of the famous MAC Ruby woo. It is Wet n’ wild megalast lipstick in 911D: Stoplight red.

It is a neutral to cool toned matte red lipstick. It applies well and is not that drying (but maybe a little), and lasts for a long time. It is almost and exact match for Ruby woo; it is just not quite so extremely matte.  (And it’s $1.99!)To make it more matte you can blot or add a thin layer of translucent powder over top. Personally, I do not like extreme mattes so this is the lipstick for me!

I hope this article inspires you to break out one of your favorite red lipsticks. (or check out one of mine!)

Friday, October 25, 2013

NYX Box of Smokey Look Collection: Swatch and Review

The smokey look collection contains four different eye shadow areas containing 8 separate eye shadows and one interconnected eye shadow containing four colors. These colors areas are defined as “ classic smokey, purple smokey, bronze smokey, and natural smokey.” The kit also includes two bronzers, a highlighter, three blushes, a pencil eyeliner, four concealers, 12 glitters, and 16 lipglosses. I bought it for around $20.
They eye shadows in the classic smokey is different shades of grey, two that contain glitters, a tan, and a white. Purple smokey contains all purple shades except two blues and a black. Three contain glitter. Bronze smokey has various shades of brown and tan includeing gold and bronze shades. This set in particular is well pigmented. The natural smokey contains several light to medium tan shades and two dark browns. Two contain glitter.

The eye shadows were what drew me to this palette and as someone who had very few eyeshadow this was very much what I wanted. With this kit you can create a variety of looks both natural and dramatic. The pigmentation on this palette is overall fine, but it can be a bit hit or miss. The brown shades in particular turn out well, but some of the purple shades especially are hard to work with. The black in particular has some bad fall out.
everything is watched on bare skin

One of the bronzers is an orange/gold/brown shimmer shade. This could be used to warm up your face but the shimmer may be a bit much. I do not use it. The other bronzer is a matte dark brown. For someone as pale as me this is a bit hard to work with. You have to use a very soft hand and blend it out well to contour, but it is usable.  The highlighter is just a plain white powder.
The blushes are a peachy-pink, a red-pink and a baby pink. They all contain a bit of shimmer, the red pink contains the least. These are all ok to work with.

The concealers are just okay; there are only two skin colors available though, so you have to work with just those.
The lipglosses are all the same basic quality. Some are basically clear, but a few have some pigmentation. It is impossible to tell without swatching.

The glitters are just glitter in a tacky, clear base. I do not use these.                                                                        

Overall, the only useful pieces in this palette are the eye shadows and possibly the blushes. It was worth the money, but not much more than the price. As someone just starting to build their make-up collection, this was a good opportunity to try some stuff out, but since this my purchases have been leaning toward better quality and higher end. 

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Review and swatch: NYC Matte me crazy Top Coat

Personally, I find matte nail polish to be so cool; if you take a normal polish you will be surprised how very different it looks when matte. It’s like having two polishes in one! To make a regular polish matte though, you need a matte top coat. These top coats can be expensive; Essie is $10, OPI is $9, but there is a drugstore alternative so you don’t have to try crazy DIY’s like using steam!

NYC’s Matte me crazy is a matte top coat. It is a clear polish that when used like a clear top coat would be, makes the nail polish matte. It retails for about $1.79 at walmart, target, and drugstores. The brush on this polish is a bit larger than normal, but not huge or oversized. The formula on this polish though, is a bit runny so you will want to be careful to not put too much product on the brush.
Sephora by OPI in Metro Chic, normal top coat

To make your nails matte, you want to put a generous amount on your nail and use the minimal amount of brush strokes fairly quickly; you do not want it to get tacky. Matte polish also reveals any brush strokes and mistakes that you make with the under polish so you will want to use a polish that doesn’t streak or show brushstrokes for a smooth final look.
metro chic with matte top coat

Overall, I think this is a great polish and makes some very cute looks (I love a matte soft pink with silver accents, too!) and is fun to play around with. For the under $2 price, there is no reason to not check out this trend from the higher end brands.

Monday, October 21, 2013

How I dye my hair purple! Ft. Manic Panic

As you may or may not know, the underneath portion of my hair is dyed purple; it has been that way for over a year now and I love it! I often get questions on how I got it purple and what products I use, so I’ll explain that today. When I first started dyeing my hair the trend was changing towards “odd” hair colors being acceptable, but it wasn’t as normal as it is now. At the beginning I got mostly odd looks, but with an influx of “rainbow hair” I think people’s perceptions are changing and I get a lot of compliments on my hair! To get my hair this way wasn’t hard, but it did take a good amount of time. Also, though not as expensive as getting a salon dye, it is more expensive than just a box color.

The first step to dyeing your hair is to decide what portion of your hair you want dyed, what color, and how to get it blond. If your hair is already blonde you are good to go (or if you want a dark color put into medium hair) but if you have dark hair like me, you have to bleach it.
Bleaching your hair is a chemical lightening process and can damage some people’s hair, but I didn’t experience any difficulties. It is best to get this done at a salon, but it is a lot cheaper to do it yourself. I use Manic Panic bleach lightning (about $10 or so at my local sally’s beauty supply) and follow the directions my mixing it and applying it to the section of hair I had separated from the rest.  I keep in on for the max time listed witch is either 80 or 90 minutes. I have also used SPLAT bleach before which I do not recommend; while it does lift, it damaged my hair a lot more and it burned when I applied it. While bleach does burn/tingle for a lot of people Manic Panic bleach does not on me, so Splat was a big difference.  Depending on your hair color or if you have dyed it before, you may have to process it a couple of times.

Next , after your bleached hair dries, you will want to tone your hair to get some of the brassy/yellow tones out. You can use a purple toned conditioner and leave in on for a while, or I used manic panic virgin snow (about $8 at sally’s). I just applied it all over the bleached area and let it sit for about three hours.  This not only toned my hair, but it conditioned it very well. Some toners on the market are chemical and can further harm your hair so read your labels and do your research!

These first steps only need to be done the first time you dye your hair, or when you are bleaching you roots which I only do about once or twice a year since do to their placement they are not very noticeable.
After your hair is bleached it is able to receive the color. For the very “purple” purple color of my hair I use Manic Panic Purple Haze, the amplified kind in the bottle, not the tub. I buy mine at Hot Topic for about $10. Another common to find color is ultra-violet which is too blue toned for me. To apply the color simply spread over hour bleached hair whilst wearing gloves until it is soaked. You may be surprised on how “thirsty” recently bleached hair is! Then comb through your hair until foamy to evenly spread it (these directions are on the bottle). Then put your hair in a shower cap or in a plastic grocery bag. Where I differ from instructions is how long to let it set. The bottle says 30 minutes, it leave it in for 3-5 hours. Since this is a vegetable based dye and not a chemical based dye, leaving it in longer doesn’t hurt your hair, in fact it allows it to moisturize deeply for longer. But also be aware that if you heave in on four over 2-3 hours it starts to turn “neon” and really bold. I like this but if you are going for a softer look you will want to only leave it in about two hours. A bottle of dye lasts me about three dyeing sessions on average.
my hair after a dye; the purple is quite dark and blends in with the rest of my hair

After that wash it out until the water is mostly clear, like a lavender color. You don’t want to over wash. Then, I let it dry and do not wash it for about a week or until I really need to wash it. This gives the color more time to adhere to you hair. After this, your color will fade slightly with every wash. Wash your hair will cool water and only as often as your need to. I wash my hair about twice a week.
When you hair gets too faded (my color goes from purple, to pinky lavender, to blonde) just repeat the dying process.
my hair is a bit washed out now

A question I think a lot of people get who bleach their hair is that their hair is expected to be severely damaged. This is not always true. Is bleaching good for you hair? No. Does it damage it? yes. Does every person who bleaches their hair have horrible, frizzy, breaking, damaged hair? No! Think of every fake blonde out there, how did they get their hair that way? Bleach and chemical dyes! And they can have nice looking, silky hair, right? Now, everyone’s hair reacts differently, but as long as you do not over bleach it meaning that you are constantly going from color to color without any breaks, bleaching the previous color out to change, especially if you are going from black to blonde and back again a lot, you should be fine. My hair get a bit frizzy at the very ends when it needs re-dyed, but one I but more Manic Panic in it, it goes back to being my normal hair texture! Since manic panic is a conditioning dye it actually heals your hair.  Also there are also a lot of oil and deep conditioning products out there you can try if needed.
The bottom line is that there are a lot of people that bleach and dye their hair and very few who end up with their hair breaking off/ falling out. I have known many people to bleach and none of them, or anyone they know, has ever had this happen to them.
I hope you found this helpful! What color do you dye your hair?

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Outfit of the Day

Sweater: Forever 21
Skirt: forever 21
Tights: target
Shoes: Steve Madden

Lipstick: Revlon Lip butter in red velvet
I just started watching season 4 of Downton Abbey and was inspired to add a little bit of the finger wave into my hair style! I hope you like it.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Review and Swatch: Sephora by OPI nail color in “I’m with Brad”

the color makes it hard to photograph

Back in August I bought three nail colors form the Sephora by OPI collection; I am finally getting to number three “I’m with brad”. I’m with brad is described as “opaque metallic wine over dark coffee”. It is a unique color; the base is a not quit black color maybe black-brown? But it’s doesn’t look brown. Then it has a sort of shimmer that looks quite red in the bottle but is more burgundy on the nail. The shimmer comes out mostly when in the sun.

The brush on this is larger than the other two Sephora by OPI polishes; it is a normal sized brush. The formula is good; neither runny nor thick. It was pretty much opaque in two coats, but I added a third to make absolutely sure. It looks pretty in the bottle. You can still purchase this for $4.50 online, and you may still be able to buy these polishes for 3/$10 at Sephora like I did.

Overall, this is a very nice polish in appearance, formula, and brush. It is a color with a lot of depth and not something I’ve seen before. It is an excellent nail polish for the Autumn and Winter months. 

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Product I’m excited about: OCC All Star lip tar mini set

The OCC lip Tars have long been a product that I was curious about. I’ve heard they are super pigmented and fantastic to wear, but I’ve also heard that they feather and are not that long lasting. Because of this, the $18 price tag, and that I could never decide on a color, I haven’t bought any yet. I was also tempted to buy their larger sets of 5 for $50 (great deal!), but I never actually liked all the colors, only 2-3 in each set, so it wasn’t worth it. But OCC just came out with a new set of 4 mini lip tars for only $20.

I really like all the colors in this set and think there are also a lot of opportunities for mixing. The set includes: Memento (pink plum neutral), NSFW (primary red), Anime (vibrant neon pink), Black Dahlia (blackened red), and a lip brush.

I’m most excited for Black Dahlia and least excited for NSFW since I already own two reds.  The deal here though is in the selection, not the size. The set has four tubes that contain .08 oz of product. The regular lip tars contain .33 oz. of product. Each mini then contains about ¼ of the amount of product of a full lip tar so the set of four is equivalent to one full, but cost $2 more. So, I really don’t see how the “$34 value” thing came about.  Just to compare to a normal lipstick a wet n’ wild megalast contains .11 oz of product, a maybelline colorburst .15, and a Revlon lip butter .09. So basically you are getting 4 products for $5 each (plus a lip brush) that are the size of a lip butter.
This is something I’m definitely going to buy. It is limited edition, but I would imagine it’ll stay for Christmas (they probably put it out now for the holidays) when I will get it. When I do get this set I’ll be sure to review it!
They are available at sephora now in stores and online. You can check them out here:

What new collection is going on your Christmas list?

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Review and swatch: Wet n’ Wild silk finish lipsticks in Black Orchid and Cinnamon

These were the first two lipsticks I own and thus hold a special place in my heart and my make-up collection even if the lipsticks I reach towards tend to be newer.  These lipsticks are part of the wet n’ wild silk finish line; while these shades are fantastic and have a nice stain/crème finish be careful with some of the other shades. Many of them have that tacky, child-like frost and extreme shimmer finishes, especially several pinks.

Black Orchid (508A) is a reddish, berry/plum. In some lights in seems to have a bit of a brown tint, but not enough to call it brown toned.

Cinnamon (509A) is a neutral to slightly cool toned red, a fantastic “basic” red lipstick.

Both these shades go on like a dream, so silky smooth and easily applied to the lips. They both have fantastic pigmentation; I swipe it once on my top lip and them smack my lips together to transfer the color and that is how I get perfectly opaque color on both my lips! Simply fill in any bare spots around the edges! Neither of these is drying in the least.
The packaging on these is the biggest downfall; cheap plastic that is prone to cracks and the silver painted parts scratch and rub off.  They have a slight scent that is “fake” or “soap” to my nose; I guess this means they are unscented and that is just the smell of the ingredients.
Overall these are actually great lipsticks in cheap tubes, but for the price of 99 cents at your nearest drugstore to can afford to try several colors and try them out. I also think these are a great first lipstick for young girls (or anyone!).

Friday, October 11, 2013

The Basics of an Art History course: Taking Art History in College

Ah, ‘tis the season for midterms! Since I’m preparing for several art history exams at the present I was inspired to answer a question I get a lot when people find out that one of my majors is art history: Is it hard? How to you even take tests?
Note: Not all professors are the same; not all courses are the same. This is not a completely comprehensive history of all art history courses; this is simply an amalgamation of all of the courses I have taken so far.
What you do in Class:
The basic routine done by my various professors is to have a PowerPoint presentation and one by one project an image of the work on the screen with a notation containing the work’s title, artist, medium, and where it is currently. This (with the possible exception of its current location) should be written down. The professor will then explain the work and its meaning and put it in context. They will also point out important details. Again; take notes on the important points, or ideas the repeat/stress.  I write this by hand in a notebook, but professors often upload their PowerPoints online and it’s common for people to print out the slides and put them in a type of binder to write directly on. This is generally repeated every class for the semester. It is very important to go because a lot of what they find important is not easily or at all found online. Do not expect a Wikipedia article or a page devoted to the work in the text. Many classes include works not found in the textbook.
The tests:
The general text format that I encounter is some slide identifications (amount varies widely) and some sort of essay/short essay/ short answer. For the slide identifications the professor generally hands out a sheet with the works you should know (which has ranged for me from about 20 to just this semester 37). The information you should know is the artist’s name, date of creation, and the works title. Some professors also need you to know such things as medium, artistic era, etc. Many professors also require you to “answer a question”. I have never been given prompts for this, but it usually requires just basic knowledge discussed in class about the work or artists. I’ve had question like “What war did the artist just fight in?” and “What is the significance of the oranges?” etc.  The essays or short answer questions are usually either an in depth analysis of the work (including meaning, context etc.) or a comparison between two or more works. This sometimes includes a specific question or theme you should analyze, other times just a basic “compare and contrast” essay where you should thing about content, medium, style, context, meaning, etc. of the works. This requires a lot of research and time to get a through answer; these questions (or at least the possible works being compared) of often given beforehand.
How to study:
The first step of studying is to go to class, pay attention and take good notes. Take a lot of notes! More than you think you will ever need! You will be thankful for them later. Next, is to think of a memorization strategy. Knowing names and dates is essentially memorization. What I like to do is to print out the works on a small scale (I have a color printer in my room for just this reason; my campus only has one color printer), and then glue them onto a notecard, and write the information on the back and voila! Flashcards! This, for me, is the only way I can memorize dates. For the rest of the information you just need to go over your notes and study.
For the essays if you are given practice questions or the works you will have to compare write a practice essay. This does not mean writing a full scale, fleshed out essay. Instead, write your thesis and they write out bullet points of your main ideas; without looking at your notes! Then, use your notes to add more details etc.  Read over this to study.
Final thoughts:
So is Art History hard? It can be, it greatly depends on your professor, though if you are bad a memorization and understanding symbolism then yeah, it will be hard for you. Either way, do not believe Art history to be this unattainable goal if you are interested, but also don’t assume it’s some easy elective because it is not most of the time. If you take art history seriously you will learn a lot and be able to sound like a smart, cultured individual, who will be great fun at museums.

I hope you all found this helpful, informative, and in following what experiences you may have had! Thanks!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Swatch and Review: Maybelline Color Show polka dots in Clearly Spotted

Clearly spotted is a clear overcoat that contains micro, small, medium, and “large” matte hex flakes in both black and white. This polish looks good on both light and dark polishes; but looks best on those that are of a medium color.

Clearly spotted is part of a five shade collection; the other shades have a jelly-like color base, that is to say sheer. I find this shade to be the most wearable and versatile. I believe these are part of the permanent collection; I have seen them on the rack with the other colors. The polish goes on pretty smoothly; I would advise not wiping the brush on the side of the bottle though; this wiping causes some of the large hexes to be removed. I only need one coat; sometimes though I go back in the bottle to find some large ones. This drys to an almost smooth finish. I could not describe it as textured, but it doesn’t feel completely flat. The polish is a bit harder to remove than a regular crème polish but not as hard as a glitter polish.

The bottle contains .23 fl oz of product; Essie contains .46 and Wet n’ wild megalast contains .45, so it is a bit smaller (about half) than your other bottles of polish. This is true for the entire Maybelline color show polish range. It feels a bit small for me. The polish retails for $2.99 at target and there is often a $1 off Maybelline coupon in various flyers in your newspaper and online.

Overall I quite enjoy this polish; it is a cute addition to any manicure, especially for people like me who cannot actually paint on polka dots!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Review and Swatch: Revlon Super lustrous lipstick in Va Va Violet

Revlon’s Super lustrous lipstick in va va violet is a semi-sheer purple lipstick. It is a pure dark purple (not berry/red or anything) and that is what drew me to it. The formula of the lipstick is a bit sheer making it more wearable. The main problem with this lipstick is how it wears.

This lipstick gets into the lines of my lips and catches on my dry patches like no other. Before wearing this I have to exfoliate my lips first and then moisturize them, and even after that it tends to catch on anything and everything! That I what frustrates me about this lipstick, and I don’t know if it’s just this color or the whole line, but it is a beautiful color and should be a staple for fall but the formula is just horrendous.
see how how it catches and is uneven?
hand swatch; how it should look

Overall, this is a disappointing product. While I do wear it occasionally because I love the color, it is such a pain to apply evenly and has to be babied to look okay.  The packaging though, is cute. The gold and black is really classy and the clear top bit on the cap makes it easy to see the real color. You can buy this lipstick for $6.39 at Target. 

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Review and Swatch: Wet n Wild megalast nail polish in Disturbia

As you may know by now, I love Wet n’ wild’s megalast nail polish line; for more information about this line check out my post here.
Disturbia is a dark purple color with a bit of very subtle shimmer. The shimmer is more noticeable in the bottle than on the nail. The color goes on smoothly and evenly; I used two coats.

This is a great color for Fall and the cooler months. It retails for $1.99.
p.s. how do you guys like the new photography background?

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Review and Swatch: Stila Wish Upon a Star holiday Palette

This Stila palette was out this past December and I believe the December before; this may be reoccurring. This palette contains 6 eye shadows and one cheek/lip product. I comes in a magnetized cardboard like flip palette. When I bought it, it was $16.

The colors in this palette are (going clockwise) Cosmic (a sparkly silver), shooting star (a shimmering lavender), wish ( a matte pink/lavender), dreamer ( a matte plum), starbright (a satin dark grey), and comet ( a matte light grey). The lip color/ cream blush is quince ( a bright pink).

This palette contains both sparkly/satin colors and matte in a good range of purples and greys enabling you to do either a pastel or a smoky look. The quality of these eye shadows is fantastic; the texture is buttery and soft; I experience little to no fall out. The glide on nicely and are easy to blend. If anything they blend too easily. The colors go on a little light and can be blended out a lot. To get a really dark, smoky look you would either have to layer these immensely, or use some colors from another palette.

The lip/cheek color is merely ok. It can go on well, as a cheek color and be blended out, but for me it is quite useless for that job. I do not wear cream blushes. For a lip color it is less manageable. It is a very bright color and looks too clownish for my taste; like a young girl’s color. It also has the problem faced by cream products in a palette with powders; the dust from the eyeshades eventually migrate into the cream product causing a mess.

bright light

Overall I think this is quite a good palette that is easily portable, and a good way to try out higher end brand’s eye shadows for not a lot of money. If you can still find this palette, or other Stila holiday palettes I would recommend them to you.

I hope you found this review helpful!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Outfit of the Warm Fall Day

Today really felt more like summer than fall, so I broke out the warm weather clothes!

Dress: Thrifted
Necklace: Forever 21
Sandals: Prabal Gurung for Target

Review and swatch: Maybelline Baby Lips in Grapevine

By now Maybelline Baby lips have been out for a while, but I am still hearing constantly about how great this lip balm is. Frankly, I don’t think it’s that great.
I purchased the “Grapevine” baby lips several months ago. It is a slightly tinted lip balm that is supposed to be very moisturizing and actually change the texture of your lips to be “baby soft”. When I first purchase the tube it had a very strong fake grape scent. Now it is quite faint and much more stand able. When you apply the balm, it has an oily texture to it. It is more like a Chapstick than Burt’s bee’s balm; I’d say it’s actually oilier than a Chapstick.

The color I purchased, grapevine, looks very purple in the tube and when applied gives just the slightest bit of color; it is barely noticeable. It simply evens out my natural lip color a bit. All of this would be able to be put aside if it was a great moisturizing lip balm. Unfortunately, for me it is not. It does moisturize a bit, but the moisture only last an hour or so before you have to reapply. After the balm fades I do not notice an actual difference in the texture of my lips.
my bare lips
wearing babylips grapevine

Baby lips retails for $2.99 at Target. Most Maybelline coupons do not work on them, but occasionally one can be found. Overall I cannot understand the hype surrounding this product. Its smell is strong, the texture is oily, and it doesn’t really moisturize. Instead of this I tend to reach either for my Burt’s Bee’s lip balm ($3.29) which moisturizes and has a nice beeswax texture and minty tingle or some Aquaphor Healing ointment ($4.99 for 1.75 oz).