Review: E.L.F. studio line small stipple brush

I love all e.l.f studio line brushes. I love them, a lot. If I could own three of every brush, I would. Recently I added a new brush to my collection: the Small Stipple Brush. I bought this because I heard it was good for applying cream blush and highlighters which I have been struggling with for a while.
The small stipple brush is about an inch in diameter with duo colored bristles. It is soft and flexible, but dense. It is good for both stippling product and buffing it in.

It is true when people say this is good for cream blushes and highlighters, in fact, it has started a craze in me for cream products. Now I want to try out their HD blushes. To apply cream blusher I simply tap the brush into the product, stipple it onto my cheek, and then buff it in to my desired strength. The a liquid highlighter, I apply some to the back of my hand, press my brush into it, and then stipple and blend onto my cheekbones.

Overall, I am very happy with the quality and usefulness of this brush. I am finally able to apply my cream and liquid products with ease and I also feel this would be great for foundation! I bought this for $3 at Target. 


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