Review and Swatch: Maybelline Color Tattoo Pigments, 35 Breaking Bronze

The Maybelline color tattoo pigments debuted in I believe 2013 and were about $7. And, as it is with many cosmetics, they have now trickled down to the dollar tree due to discontinuing.  There were a few shades available but I just picked up 35: Breaking Bronze.

Breaking Bronze is a medium golden bronze
I realized that these don't appear to show well in photographs because it is very similar to my skin color!
These are loose pigments and so come in a little pot with a sifter. This isn’t my favorite arraignment since I find it messy. I know the sifter is to prevent a he mess, but having to tap out color into the cap is also messy and wasteful. I do find the pigmentation to be very nice and the color to be very pretty even though it think it’s more gold than bronze.

Overall, it’s a very nice shadow to have in my collection and I plan on buying more if I can find them back at the dollar tree. 


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