Event Review: London Symphony Orchestra

Through my school I was able to go to a few “cultural events” that I could choose. One of them was a trip to see the London symphony orchestra. The orchestra takes place in the Barbican center, which if you go to Barbican tube stop there will be large signs telling you which way to go. 
The area the symphony was in was three tiers, and when I first walked in I expected there to be many empty seats, but a large amount of people came in the last few minutes, and when the show started there were no empty seats in sight. This is probably partly because of the price; my ticket was only 12 pounds.The show itself was very enjoyable; there was also a chorus and two opera singers for a song. 
I have to say my experience wasn’t extraordinary, but some people seemed really excited about the conductor and the guest pianist so maybe they are big in the circuit. I just enjoy classical music casually so I have no idea if it was a good, excellent or whatever performance. Overall, if I lived in London these 12 pound tickets would be a good alternative to a weekend movie. 


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