London Bubble Tea Ranking

Bubble Tea is one of the most beautiful foods in the world, at least in my opinion. Delicious and cold with the little surprise tapioca at the bottom! Since I love Bubble Tea so much I decided to go on a little quest to see what bubble tea in London is really the best based on recommendations and online rankings.
I have these places in no particular order and go over where you can find the shop, the prices, variety of flavors and more!

This brand has a few locations including Soho and Spitalfields. The prices of the drinks are a medium is  £3.55 and large is £3.85 plus 50p for extra toppings. But the first topping seems to be free because I wasn't charged for topping. You can choose level of ice and sugar. I didn’t have the best experience because mine was Sakura green tea with ai-yu jelly. This tea had no Sakura taste, and was a weak green tea. The jelly was tasteless. My friend though had peach oolong with boba, very good, and very sweet even though half sugar.

They have a few locations, including Camden, Soho, and near Bayswater tube station where I went. The pricing was a medium £3.50, £3.99 large. You can choose ice level and sweetness. There is a good range of toppings and a wide range of flavors. I had Taro which was very good, and there was a good chew to the boba.

This chain is well known for their sushi and are adding bubble tea at select locations. This makes this tea a lot easier to find than some of the smaller shops. Unfortunately, they are pre-made so no customization, no ice, and  limited flavors and toppings. I once had one that was luke warm so check the temperature with your hand before you buy. I had regular milk tea which was good and not too sweet or milky. I also had a lychee fruit tea with popping boba that was also nice. The boba also had a good chew.   At £2.95 takeaway its cheap; the price goes up to ~ £3.20 if eat in.

A few locations like 11 old Compton street in Soho, You can customize ice and sugar levels. The prices range depending on what cariety you get;  £2.95- £3.40 medium £3.45- £3.95 large plus 50p per topping. I had a Medium roasted milk tea  with boba for £3.70. Boba was cooked well, tea tastes good and fresh but, I found it to be too milky, and while I got half sweet it was plenty sweet. My main problem with this place is their different prices per drink.

This is a popular and easy to find brand that has shops near South Kensington Station, Notting Hill Gate Station, and Soho. This is a “new to Bubble Tea” friendly place and very westernized where other places still are very focused on the Asian market. It is set up like a laboratory with the mixers in lab coats which is cute. A regular is £3.45 and a large £3.75. There fruit tea is good, their matcha latte was a little grainy but not too sweet or artificial tasting. A big negative was the boba was undercooked.

I think has more than one location, but I only know their 45 old Compton street, Soho shop. A regular is £3.45 large £3.95 plus 50 p. for extra topping after standard boba. (At least I was only charged £3.45 for fruit tea with boba.) Their peach tea is very delicious. They make all their tea fresh per order using little espresso looking machines so it tastes super fresh and all their fruit syrups are made with only real fruit. I also had a Thai milk tea which was also very nice. Their boba has a good chew and the drinks are not too sweet.

Best deal for medium: Wasabi
Best for large price : Bubbleology

Favorite for convenience and ease and price: wasabi: This is the place I go when I just want a quick bubble tea fix because they are so easy to find (There is one in the Hammersmith tube station which I use a lot). I just wish they had a wider range of flavors or you could customize.
Biju is my second most frequented because it has a really cute cafe, and has super high quality and fresh tea and a good range of flavors.

 Well, I hope my Bubble Tea mission helps you decide what Bubble Tea places to check out next time you are in London! This quest sure was fun for me (though I drank so much bubble tea!)


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