Review: SK-II Essence and Mask

SK-II is one of those brands you hear about online as the holy grails of skin care. I swear it is featured on every list of “Best skin Care Products” out there. But, it’s also one of those items that as soon as you see the price, you often just done know if it is worth it. So, when Influenster informed me that I would be receiving the SK-II voxbox I was overjoyed.
The box came with two products: 1 ounce of the facial treatment essence and one of their facial treatment masks.
I have wanted to add an essence to my skin care routine for a while, ever since I added a serum to the mix (reviews of serums coming soon). The essence is the consistency of water and is supposed to add moisture and smooth and clear up your skin. It is super refreshing to apply; after cleansing and toning I sprinkle a few drop (three is best for me) into my cupped hand and then rub my hands together to warm it up and then pat into the skin until fully absorbed. I love how there is no scent and it feels so light like nothing is there.

Since I have been using this, I have found my skin to more moisturized (which is a miracle at this time of the year when my skin is often super dry and patchy) and smoother. I also think it helped to improve my blemishes! The long term effects are also supposed to be the prevention of ageing and wrinkles so it would be good to add to the routine at my age.
The Facial Treatment Mask is a cloth face mask made of cotton and you can tell right away it is high quality. The fabric is super thick yet flexible with many slits in it to help it contour to any face. It also comes with a lot of thick gel like essence so it’s actually enough to get two uses! (You can either boil and sanitize the mask it came without buy dry, plain masks off of the web.) After using my skin felt so moist and plump and so very soft! It really was a luxurious experience and once again had no noticeable scent so great for those with sensitive skin.
oh yeah, mask selfie

Overall these products were fantastic additions to my skin care routine! I had no negative reactions at all and my skin improved in moisture, texture, and even my blemishes. While I don’t know if I will splurge on the masks in the future (only because I don’t tend to do a lot of masks) I really want some more essence; I can’t imagine my life without it anymore!
Sk-II Essence normally retails for $99 for 2.5 fl oz and one mask retails for $17. But, I go these products free to review from Influenster. #myessence #skii


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