Review and Swatch: Cover FX Total cover cream foundation

As you may know from my other foundation reviews, I have very blemish prone skin.  There was a brief period about a year ago where my skin was great for like two months and I tried out lighter foundations, but my acne is back again and I am back on anti-biotics. This means I was also on the hunt for a new concealer.
I hate searching for concealers. They often are not even for blemishes, just dark circles. People my claim they are “full coverage” but often cannot cover my blemishes. I also have large areas of hyper-pigmentation, so a little stick on concealer gets used pretty fast and takes forever to apply with a finger. So, out of desperation, I began looking at more expensive products since I’ve tried practically everything in the drugstore. I also wanted something in a pot that I could use a sponge or brush to apply to large areas.
My first though was dermablend. This stuff is marketed as being able to cover burn scars and severe pigmentation issues. I tried it out on my skin in Ulta and was disappointed in the coverage. It was decent, but still needed a lot of layers of itself and other products. I then turned my search to Sephora which is where I found Cover FX. I think this is a relatively new brand to come to Sephora; I do not remember this brand from last time I was in the store and the display looked new. The concealer looked to be too small to be useful on my large areas, but the cream foundation looked promising. I tapped a finger in lightly and applied it to a mole on my arm. It covered it completely. I was stunned. I then tried it on my face; nothing could be seen under it. Needless to say I bought it.
This product comes in a decent range of colors with pink, yellow, and neutral undertones. While I am normally yellow, the yellow was really yellow so I went with neutral. The color I went with is N10. Most colors start with 10 as the lightest except for neutral which starts as 0. There appears to be 28 colors in all. On me, this color is slightly too light, but N20 was too dark. But, if I add a slightly tinted powder on top you cannot tell at all; the color match is so similar.

I apply this on top of a layer of my Wet n Wild Cover cream foundation. Since this is very thick (it has the texture of a stick concealer) I do not want this all over my face because of creasing or too many layers so it might look cakey. A thin layer or two using a damp sponge (I use the real techniques sponge) gives me a flawless look. If I have a particularly stubborn blemish, I use my finger to tap some on which gives the highest coverage.

Overall, I love this product and can see repurchasing it. The only negative is the price; $42 for 0.42 oz. For comparison dermablend is $38 for 1 oz.  Unfortunatly, or fortunately, this has become my holy grail product and had provided better coverage, less smudging, and a quicker and easier application so I do not seeing myself straying. Hopefully, if I think ahead I can get this during a Sephora 20% off sale.


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