Review: Wet n’ Wild Wild Shine Base Coat

Recently, at the beginning of 2015, Wet n’ Wild decided to revamp their packaging on their Wild Shine and Silk Finish lines and added a few new products. One of them is a new base coat.
The Wild Shine nail polishes are all 99 cents and so a great deal! I was excited to see they added a base coat because I had recently run out of my Orly nail defense base coat. For the price I decided to check it out.
The only way the base coat can be separated from the top coat is a faint purple hue. It is the same texture and doesn’t make any really difference to the nail. Basically, it serves as a barrier to keep nail polish from staining and helps polish stay on longer. What it doesn’t do is strengthen the nail or prevent the nail from flaking, fill in ridges etc. If you want additional benefits you need to buy a more expensive base coat like “Nail defense” or “nail envy.”
Overall, this polish does its job. It keeps dark and red nail polishes from staining my nails. It doesn’t have any other added benefits, but for 99 cent? Good deal.


  1. I love the wild shine line! It is a great if you see the shade egg plant frost in the old packaging I suggest you pick it up! It's such a unique duo chrome shade and I get so many compliments on it...but I do like the new packaging! It makes me think of a sail boat :p

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  3. Thanks for the tip on eggplant frost! All of my local stores have changed to the new packaging and line now, but I'll keep my eyes out! I love purple! ;)


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