Review: The Body Shop Body Butter in Smoky Poppy

While I love the consistency and results I get from The Body Shop’s body butters, I do not like most of their scents. They tend to be on the fruity side and I hate smelling like fruit, or any food really! That is why I normally buy their honeymania scent which doesn’t smell like honey, but of flowers. This is also why I was super excited to hear about their Smoky Poppy scent!
Smoky Poppy is a new and limited edition scent. I think it came out in February 2015, and I do not know how long it will be out for.  The packaging is what first drew me in; that bold red poppy on a black background was very appealing. When I read the reviews online though; I became hesitant.  Most people seemed to hate it saying it smelled really bad and very masculine. Because of this, I refused to buy it until I could get to a store and smell it there. Needless to say I really like it! I bought it online though, because they often have sales. It’s normally $21 for 6.76 oz. I was able to get it 40% off and free shipping so about $12 with tax.

Smoky Poppy has a really complex scent. At first, if you smell from a distance, it has a spiciness that reminds me of chai tea. If you get closer it has an incense smell; like a mixture of ylang ylang, dragon’s blood, and various other similar scents. It is strong enough that I can smell it on my skin, but not so strong that you can smell if from a few feet away. I can cover both my legs with it and cannot smell them unless I get within a few inches of my legs.
As always, The Body Shop’s body butters are super thick, creamy and intensely moisturizing. You also do not have to use a lot.

Overall, I love this lotion! I’m sad it is limited edition, but hopefully that means when it’s about to leave I will get a good deal or find it in resell places like T.J. Maxx.


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