Healthy Food Recipe: Avocado Chocolate Pudding

Lately, I’ve been trying out some healthy recipes and trying to get more lean protein and vegetables into my diet. As a result I’ve seen many recipes that seem dubious at best. This recipe for avocado chocolate pudding was one of them. The recipe I have below is a mixture of different recipes and me just guess-timating my measurements.
½ very ripe avocado
Generous splash soy milk
1/8 c. cocoa powder
1 T honey
1 T peanut butter
Splash vanilla
Pinch salt

I started by just trying to blend together the avocado, cocoa, vanilla, and ½ T honey because one recipe told me I could. Do not be fooled! You need some sort of liquid! I used light original soy milk. After this blend I tasted it and it was not sweet enough and tasted of avocado, so I added more honey and some peanut butter like another recipe recommended. After this finally blended (me adding more milk as needed it finally came together into a light, almost mousse like pudding. Apparently if you let it sit in the fridge it gets thicker. This was pretty good (especially with a bit of extra honey on top or whipped cream I’d imagine) but honestly took me longer than I would like and was very filling (this would either be one large breakfast or a snack for two). So, I only see myself making it if I had to use some avocado before it went bad. Also, without the peanut butter it does taste like avocado but with it the taste is almost completely masked. 


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