Review: Shills Natural Science Purifying Peel off Mask (Asian Black Peel off Mask)

I’m a big mask lover; I feel that they not only make a big difference, but are also super satisfying to use. This is especially true for feel off masks. The newest and biggest current trend in peel off masks has to be the “black peel off mask” especially ones from Asia.

These masks are supposed to remove black heads, dirt, and other impurities from your skin.  I checked out a few different ones on ebay and decided to try the Shills Natural Science Purifying Peel off Mask because it was pretty cheap, but not the cheapest on the market. It retails for about $5. From what I can tell, the brand is from Taiwan.
How you use this mask is to first cleanse and dry your skin and then apply a thin layer. You want a thin layer so it can dry well. Then, you wait from 20 to 30 minutes. You also want to be careful to not cover your hair or eyebrows with the product.
After it is dry it will feel really tight and start to come up when you flex your face. Then, just peel it off. Many people think these masks hurt, and I will say it peeled off a lot of peach fuzz off my face and so I could feel it ripping the hair off. But, other than that, it didn’t hurt.
When I first examined the peeled off mask I was a little disappointed. All I saw was a lot of peach fuzz, some dirt and like one black head. I thought it didn’t work, but then I tried it on my mom and gross! She had so many blackheads and whitehead, like dozens! So obviously the product does work to take blemishes out; I just didn’t have any blackheads to take out! I think this is because I chemically exfoliate everyday which gets rid of blackheads and take really good care of my skin. My mom, needless to say, doesn’t take that good care of her skin.
Overall, it was a fun mask to use. Both the black appearance and the peel off and examine parts were really fun. I didn’t find it painful and it really does work well. If it doesn’t work for you maybe you didn’t have many blemishes to begin with! It was about $5 for 50 ml. That’s not a lot of product, but if you only use it on your problem spots, like I did, it will last you longer than if you do full face masks.


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