Review and Comparison: Beauty Blender and Real Techniques Face Sponge

sponges wet

Over the last year or so I’ve become a makeup sponge convert. Originally I was all about those foundation brushes, but after I tried the Real Techniques sponge I was sold. The appearance of my foundation when using a sponge has an airbrushed quality; I no longer have any streaks and I think it goes on less cakey and the application time is less.
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When I first heard about that makeup sponge life; the first product I heard about as the holy grail of sponges was the original beauty blender. This is the sponge that started the craze and the one I wanted most, but who wants to spend $20 on a sponge; especially if they don’t know if they will like it?
Once I realized I liked a sponge application the need for this sponge grew; and as soon as I saw the beauty blender on sale (a $10 off $20 deal at I bought it immediately. I’ve been using this sponge for a few weeks now and I’ve come to a few conclusions.
The pros of the Beauty Blender are:
Firstly on texture; I find the beauty blender to be softer and squishier than RT and thus nicer on the face.
I think I like the rounded bottom more than the flat bottom for a “bouncing” application
The tip is more narrow and tapered and easy to use under the eye
sponges wet

The cons:
Since the BB is softer; it absorbs more foundation so I need more product
It really isn’t extraordinarily different in application quality; both give an airbrushed look
Not really worth the $20 price tag

Overall, I really like the Beauty Blender because on the rounded bottom, soft texture, and tapered point; but I don’t think it’s twice as good as the Real Techniques sponge. These are both great products and I would recommend both to anyone looking for a good sponge for foundation application. I do not see myself buying a beauty blender full price; but if I can get it for $10 again; I would buy it. Real Techniques sponges retail for $7.99 at Ulta.


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