Guess who’s going to London?

This Anglophile! Through my university here in America there is a program were I can study abroad in London. This is a special type of study abroad in which I will be taking course fully accepted by my university that will be taught my professors hired by my university on a special campus and will be living with people from my university (most likely Americans). While this is not the most immersive possibility, it is a guaranteed form or credit, and will give me more people to rely upon and be in all, much easier for a first time traveler. While I’ve been out of the country once before, to Germany, it was with not only my family, but also was a guided and controlled tour. This will also be my first time living “on my own” in an apartment. I hope to take this opportunity not just to learn and to explore, but also to explain to you, my readers, through this blog how London appears and works with myself.
So, I hope you stick around to see my travels. I will not be going for a few months yet, I leave mid-January and stay through April.

Thanks for reading! Is anyone else studying abroad?


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