The Importance of Eye Primer Ft. Elf essential Eyelid Primer

Like a mentioned before in my previous post about face primer, priming your face can seem unnecessary and the products expensive. Like face primer; eyelid primer is an essential part of my make-up routine.  Eyelid primer’s purpose is to get your eyelid ready for eye shadow my canceling out its original color, providing a base for the pigment to adhere to, and to prolong the staying power of your eye shadow and to prevent creasing. As a person with oily lids, eye primer is the only thing that prevents my eye shadow from slipping off and dissolving on my eye.  Eye primer also has the ability to limit fall out and boosts the pigmentation and boldness of the appearance of your eye shadow. Below I have some examples of eye shadow swatched on my hand. On the right there is a line of primer. All eye shadow was swatched using one swipe from the pad of a finger onto my hands.  On some eye shadow there is more of a difference than on others.
with flash

without flash

Eye lid primer can be a bit pricey with the famous Urban Decay Primer Potion retailing for $20 per 11ml tube.  The primer that I use is ELF’s essential eye lid primer that retails for just one dollar ($1!) per tube. Each tube is 0.17 which is about 5ml. While I haven’t ever tried Urban Decay or any other brand besides Elf’s primer, I can’t see much of a difference when it comes to my simple daily needs. I certainly cannot see it being 10 times better!  I would like to try the Primer Potion, and if I ever buy an Urban Decay eye shadow kit, I will make sure to buy one with the sample sized primer; this is how many people appear to stock up on primers.

I would advise anybody that wears eye shadow to check out an eyelid primer such as Elf’s, I buy mine is the color “sheer”. I buy my elf products at Target. I hope this was helpful, see you again soon!


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