How to make crown braids: and how to turn them into a flower crown!

This is a simple and quick hairstyle; I can do it in less than 5 minutes on any given morning. This is great hairstyle for not only bad hair and dirty hair days, but also a good hot day hairstyle. With your hair in braids it is less likely to frizz and since your hair is pulled off your neck it is cooler to wear than your hair down. For this hairstyle your hair needs to be of medium or long length.
First start with combed, untangled hair, then, separate it in a center part the whole way down to your nape. I have bangs that I will add to the hairstyle later; if you have no bangs or have bangs long enough to incorporate to the style and like the center part look, add them to the rest of your hair.

Next, braid one side of your hair and tie with a thin rubber elastic that is either clear or the color of your hair. You want to braid fairly tightly to your skull starting slightly behind your ear.

Repeat on the other side. At this point you can also pull gently at the sides of your braid to make them thicker, but this will also make them shorter, so check if your hair is long enough for the style.
At this point you have two options for two different styles. If your hair is very long you can pull one of the braids atop your hair and the other underneath your head to make a circlet of braids. Make sure if you’re doing this style to tuck the ends in neatly to make the braid look continuous.

The second style choice is to put both of the braids atop your head to make a thick headband of hair. I will be doing this style.

First take one braid and pull it taught and smoothly across your head towards your ear. If it doesn't reach halfway across your head your hair is too short. Secure the ends with two crossed bobby pins and pin every few inches across the braid with more pins until secure.

Repeat this with the other braid making sure to tuck in both ends under the other braids. Continue pinning trying best to hair the pins until it feels secure and there are no lumps or pieces coming up from off your head.
At this point I smoothed my bangs to the side as per my usual style and pinned them behind the braid.

This is what the back looks like.

At this point if you want you can add accessories like flower clips. Here I added a few grey flower pins to my braids. You can add as many as you like; you can even use this braid as a base to pin flowers to make a flower crown!

I hope you found this tutorial helpful! What are your favorite summer hairstyles? And if you have any requests for tutorials leave a comment below!


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