Review: Wet n’ Wild nail polish in Gray’s Anatomy

This fall seems to be the season of the duo chrome. Both OPI and Essie released a silver/blue/green/purple duo chrome in their fall collection.  OPI’s is called “peace love & OPI” and Essie’s is called “For the Twill of it”. They both looked very good and very similar to each other and though I was contemplating buying one of them the $8/$9 price tag was scaring me off. Though I own neither, they both seem to be dupes for each other. Here is a link to another site that has swatch comparisons: here . When I was in the drug store the other day though, I found a similar color. The nail polish is called ‘Gray’s Anatomy” and I is part of Wet n Wild’s fastdry range. It retails for $1.99.

The brush on the polish is of moderate size. I had no problem getting enough polish on the brush and I had no real messiness issues. The main problem is the thinness of the formula. I have bought three polishes form this range and is my least favorite of Wet n’ Wild polish ranges. All of the fastdry polishes are extremely thin and thus sheer (probably s they can be so “fastdry”). It took four coats to get as opaque as it was in the photos. Three coats could have been okay, but you could see my nail line easily do I went with the four. Since the formula was so fast to dry, I didn’t need to wait in between coats going from hand to hand, and the brush was reasonable it really was no struggle to do four coats.

The color itself is gorgeous with a base of silver with the blue/ green/ purple-y pink sheen. From what I have seen online, OPI and Essie’s polish is a bit darker and more purple than pink. Also, theirs is much more pigmented!
In artificial light

In sunlight, notice the nail line!

Overall, this is not a bad polish and I can see myself wearing it often in the fall (It goes with everything!). Also I find this a reasonable second choice polish as compared to Peace, Love, & OPI and For the twill of it. Even though this polish is sheer and needs four coats, they do dry quickly and it’s only $1.99! If I was used to spending $9 for a polish I would have bought Peace, Love, and OPI but Gray’s Anatomy is fine with me!
with flash

no flash


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