USA vs UK: Jam

From watching TV I have gleaned that the British do not have Jelly in the American sense, they only have Jam. I have also heard on QI that Americans call Jam Jelly, which is not true as they are two different things for us.  So, now that I am in the UK I bought a jar of Jam (which seems to be one of the two main choices of fruit spreads, the other being Marmalade). The kind I got was Hartley’s seedless raspberry jam which is supposed to be “Britain’s favourite jam!” It has a thinner consistency so it is easy to spread a thin layer on bread without ripping it up.  It also doesn’t have any bits of fruit in it and is also more translucent than American Jam.

Overall, I found that UK jam is a sort of Jam/jelly hybrid, but easier to spread than both. I actually like this better than American Jam or jelly. I look forward to trying Marmalade, because some of their marmalade looks like there is no peel which is a bit strange. 


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