USA vs UK: Kettles

In the US it is nearly impossible to find a kettle, especially one at a good price or any type of variety. You can find the stove-top ones pretty easily, but they take a long time to boil depending on your stove. It is the electric ones that are convenient and widely used in the UK.
While my flat here in London doesn’t have much in the way of kitchen wear it does have an electric kettle, so of course, I had to see if tea tasted better in an electric kettle as opposed to microwaving the water to boil it. Essentially, the answer is no. I have not experienced any difference in taste from the water; the taste of the tea is much more subject to the different types of tea and for how long they are steeped.
What I do like about it though, is its convenience. When microwaving the water you have to get to know your microwave to find the amount of time it takes to boil your water without over boiling. When using a kettle, it only heats it to the point of boiling and then shuts off; you need not input any numbers or push any buttons etc. Also, when using a kettle you have your microwave free to do other things.

After this, I really do like the convenience of an independent kettle, but am still stuck at the American price. A kettle is the US cost at the bare minimum $20, usually a bit more than that and up to $40. These also tend not to go on sale because they are not very popular. Kettle in Britain though, can be found for about 5 pounds on sale at Tesco’s or Sainsbury’s.  I might have to try and buy one off amazon or some site like that to find one for ideally under $10. 


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