Life Update and Reviews to Come Soon!

If you follow this blog a lot you would soon notice that all my posts happen within three days of each other: that is my schedule. It's strange but it's how I do things (mostly because numbers make more sense than days of the week). Unfortunately I haven't posted in about six days because life is crazy! While technically my finals week doesn't start until the 8th of December, I've been feeling a lot of pressure from my studies lately. All essays and such are coming do and all my excess energy is going towards that. I also did National Novel writing Month thus November which was great, but also very tiring, which is why many of my posts were either short and/or written a while ago. But, after the 10th of December I am free!!! or at least until early January. Since it is the holidays (Thanksgiving involved me either stressing over school or asleep) I'll try to cook more and post more; I'll also be getting some very nice make-up to review. The thing which I have bought so far and will be reviewing (hopefully) before Christmas are:
LORAC vintage vixen palette
NEST fragrance set
and what I will be reviewing after Christmas are:
Urban Decay Vice 3
Benefit Cheeky Sweet Spot
and possibly more!
Please check in between now and then and I will try to get a few things up in the meantime. Have a great Holiday, Finals Week, etc!


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