Review and Swatch: Covergirl Outlast All-Day lip color in 526 port pout

After buying the color Blossom of this same formula, and the $2 off coupon on any outlast product still available, I went in search of more discounted products of this lone. My local rite-aid, where I bought the initial lip color, only had the 75% sale for one week, and another store had completely wiped the shelves, and further more stores had these at full price. Since the products are being promoted in new Covergirl displays I do not believe the line is being discontinued, but I think they may be getting rid of some colors or revamping the formula. Since the color I got last time was light, I decided to go for a darker shade: Port Pout.

Port Pout is a very dark berry red. It is very nearly oxblood, but slightly darker and with a purple hue.
This formula must be applied in a specific way. Onto bare lips the liquid color is applied, you wait a few minutes without touching or rubbing your lips together until dry, and top with the clear balm. Unlike the color Blossom though, I do not think the color applied very evenly. It is a pretty liquid-y and thin formula and since the applicator is a doe foot, I find it hard to apply an even layer or make crisp edges around my lips. I ended up patting the color instead of swiping in some places and trying to clean the edges up with concealer. I think a brush applicator would be a lot better than the doe foot considering the quick setting time and staying power of this product.

As soon as the color sets it is hard to get off. A makeup remover meant for waterproof lipstick is necessary, not just a micellar water or makeup wipe. I’ve noticed though, if you leave it on as long as 8-10 hours it can come off with a wipe. It lasts a very long time though, under normal circumstances. I was able to eat two full meals and wear it for 10 hours without any transfer of the color or removal from my lips.

If you are looking for a very long lasting and non-transferable lip color the outlast line is where to look. As long as you are careful with application, the wear time is fantastic. I was able to find my color on sale for $4 at K-mart. This line normally retails around $10. 


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