Review: Tokyo Milk Bon Bon Lip Balm in Rose Water

Tokyo Milk’s website just made me fall in love with the brand even though all I’ve ever been to find at my local Sephora is their perfumes that didn’t amaze me (mostly because there wasn’t any scent that I loved). The website though offers much more than Sephora which only carries select parts of their Dark range. The actual “regular” Tokyo milk is actually a rococo playground.
The first thing that drew me in was their lip balms. I have been trying to find the dark lip balms for over a year, but none of my Sephoras carry them and the scent I want to try (absinthe) is online only. The Bon Bon balms though are exclusive (to my knowledge) to their website. They just looked so cute that I had to have either the rosewater or the candied violet. Luckily, I was able to find it on ebay for a good price. With shipping from Tokyomilk the lip balms are $17, but I got it on ebay for around $8.

The Bon Bon lip balm comes in a beautiful box featuring the brand’s label and glitter roses. The text looks antique and very cute. The inner flaps have their coat of arms again and a quote from Alfred, Lord Tennyson which is a nice touch. Inside you find the balm itself in a sturdy glass pot with a light plastic cap that looks like metal with the Tokyo Milk label. There is also a cute little paper pamphlet inside called “The art of Kissing” which list the details of a famous movie kiss and the ingredients of the balm.

The balm itself smells divine! The scent is strong, but not overwhelming; you can smell it faintly on your lips. It has no taste which is a bit disappointing. It it a bit difficult to apply since the opening of the pot is so small and the balm is so hard that you need many swipes of the finger to apply. It moisturized quite well once on. It is not super thick like Burt’s bees or thin like Vaseline, probably because both petroleum and beeswax are ingredients.

Overall, I really like this as a cute piece to put on my vanity and a fun thing to apply when I feel in the mood. It is not what I reach for when my lips are chapped though, it is a bit inconvenient to apply especially since I feel the need to keep the pot in its little box. This would be a great gift though to someone who loves cute, rococo things. 


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