Are Benefit Hoola and NYC Sunny really dupes?

 When I just got into contouring, the first product I heard about was Benefit’s Hoola bronzer. From this product I knew I wanted a matte product, but Hoola was too expensive for me at almost $30!
I searched around for dupes and the number one answer was NYC bronzer in Sunny. I got it, saw it was matte, and used it for several years until I was finally able to get Benefit Hoola for a good deal in the Box o’ Blushes.
So, for everyone interested, I decided to do a few swatches since these “dupe” lists never seem to have actual photos of swatches.
Sunny on left, Hoola on right

As you can see, when in the pan or swatched they are definitely different colors. Sunny is warmer, oranger and Hoola is darker and more neutral toned. Hoola is also smoother and Sunny is a bit rougher but still nice.
wearing Sunny

When blended out of the face it isn’t obvious, but Sunny gives a generally warmer look. For me, since I have a warm skin tone, Sunny works well. If you are cool toned, Sunny may look weird. Hoola will be better on cool skin tones.
wearing Hoola

Overall, these are both good products, but one might be better than the other depending on your skin tone.  I like Hoola better because Sunny can sometimes make me look tan, which is not the look I want, just contoured. 


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