Review and Swatch: Lipstick Queen Butterfly Ball Lipstick in Sigh

Recently I purchased a lipstick off Ebay, and I have to say I’m always lucky about the quality, and authenticity, of products I but off of that site. This lipstick was no exception. What I bought was a lipstick from the brand Lipstick Queen. I have never bought from this brand since it is pretty pricy ($24 for this lipstick), but since I had an ebay gift card and someone was selling this item for $10 I jumped on it.
Butterfly Ball refers to the line and finish of this product; they are described as “sheer as a butterfly wing with a beautiful hint of shimmer and Iridescence when they catch the light.” It is a sheer but buildable formula with an absolutely stunning iridescence. Up close it gleams blue, at a distance it just looks super glossy without actually being glossy at all.
Sigh is described as a “warm and wistful mauve.” It is a medium warm pink with the slightest hint of plum.

While I knew I would like this product I never thought I would love it so much. The formula is so light and moisturizing and once you build up a few swipes I would put this lip color more on the “semi-sheer” side of things. The iridescence though is just so amazing; it literally looks like a butterfly’s wing. I see myself wearing this any day I don’t feel like a super matte or bold color but want something that isn’t just a plain cream.

As a note: When I received this I checked the tube for wear; there was no sign of use on the product. After swatching I could tell it was used so it definitely was brand new.

Overall, I love this product. While sheer lip colors are not something I wear too often, I see this getting a lot more use than my other “my lips but better” choices. If this is the type of quality Lipstick Queen puts out then I understand their prices and look forward to more (maybe even full priced!) purchases. I would love to try more products from this brand. 


  1. It's nice to know the quality goes along with the price! I have a hard time buying higher end lip products because the drug store has very nice formulas as well (as I know you know lol) but I've always been curious about this brand, I'll be honest I love the name :)
    Anywho I've been creeping on your blog for a few months (I don't know why it takes me so long to comment, jeez that sounds creepy! Lol) but I have to say (and I hope it doesn't come off as creepy) but you are absolutely gorgeous. I think you like like a cross between Angelina Jolie and Lana Del Rey, you are just beautiful! And I really enjoy your blog :)

  2. Thank you so much for the compliment! And I also was first attracted to Lipstick Queen for the name (and the Marie Antoinette lipstick which I don't see ever buying because it's around $40)!

  3. No problem! And I've been eyeing up that Ice Queen lipstick (but it's too expensive for something I wouldn't wear often) and the new line they came out with, I just saw them on another blog, they're "goth" inspired so they look dark in the tube but they're all gorgeous berry shades but $40 a pop! I can't do that lol I'll have to look into that Marie Antoinette lipstick, mainly just to see it ;)


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