Review: The Body Shop Body Butter in Honeymania

A few weeks ago The Body Shop was doing a sale online for 40% off all items and free shipping which is the deal I didn’t know I was waiting for! I’ve been curious about the body shop but it is a bit too expensive for me. Everyone says they often have sales in stores, but I do not have one near me to go in. Since I hate paying shipping (usually with sales it would be cheaper to just buy a full priced product in store than buy it on sale with shipping) this was perfect.
I also am not a fan of most Body Shop scents since I hate “food” smells and I find their Moringa scent to be too strong and their rose scent to smell weird. Looking through the site I found this scent I had never heard of “Honeymania” which from the reviews didn’t smell like honey and instead like honey suckle. This sounded perfect! I bought the small travel size on sale for $3.60 plus tax.
It got to me in about four days and I couldn’t be happier with the scent. I do not know if it’s exactly honeysuckle but it’s a sweet, light, floral scent that I love and yet can’t exactly describe.
The body butter texture is really thick and almost solid; it’s thicker than any other body butter I’ve tried. I really like it and it moisturizes very well without being greasy. I like this texture and this scent so much that I might have to travel an hour to get this in a larger size when there’s a sale of if this sale ever comes again online.  I now understand the hype of this product and I just fell in love with this scent.

My only sight disappointment is the size: it’s only 50 ml. In comparison a Bath and Body works sample lotion bottle contains 59 ml. and when comparing the prices (BS is $3.80 normally $6 and BBW is $3.50) it is also pretty expensive.
Note: The BBW cost and size is based on the one’s I own. According to their website their travel size is now 88ml and costs $5.

Overall I really love both the sent and the texture/consistency of the Body Shop Body Butter in Honeymania.  I am interested in trying more things from this honey-infused line. I do not know if this is permanent or limited edition; the website doesn’t say LE but I haven’t heard of the scent before now.


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