Review and Swatch: Zoya Mystery Trio Charlott and Zoya Anja

Today I will be reviewing the last shade of the mystery trio and one shade from the permanent line that I also got as part of that order. Charlott, the mystery shade, is not part of the permanent line and is exclusive to this promotion.
Charlott is an antique off white/bone/ light beige. I basically reminds me of old paper or white cloth with the slightest of tea staining.
The brush was the same as the other member of the trio (average) and the formula was actually a little thinner than the others. Since it is so pale, I was a little worried about coverage, but it was perfectly opaque in two coats. It survived four days with only minor tip wear.
Anja is part of the permanent line and is a very deep red/purple berry.

On the nails Anja is actually a bit darker than the bottle and so it’s a color that makes you wonder if it is more purple or red. The brush is the same size as the minis and I think the formula is just a little thicker than average. It covered opaquely in two coats. After four days there was a little chipping, but nothing serious.

Overall, I’m very happy with both of these colors. I see using Charlott as an accent, like I did in my Valentine’s Day nails, and Anja near constantly on all my nails in the fall and winter. 


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