Review and Swatch: Zoya mini Severin (2015 mystery shade)

As part of a promotion Zoya had a set of three mystery shades that were part of an order. One of these shades I will be reviewing here: Severin. The other two shades (and the permanent Zoya shades I also got in the order) I will be reviewing later.  This shade is exclusive to this promotion and not part of the permanent line though may be available later.
Severin is an antique gold metallic shade. This is not a yellow gold; it has a slightly grey undertone.

While this bottle is small (since it’s a mini) I had no problems applying this polish. The brush is a normal size. This applied very well, it was semi-opaque of the first layer and very opaque and perfect (no visible brush strokes) after two. This polish dried quickly and after four days of wear I had no chipping just some tip wear which is really good for me.

This formula was really great! This makes me very excited about my other Zoya products.  


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