Review and Swatch: Zoya Anais (Mystery Trio 2015)

As part of a promotion Zoya had a set of three mystery shades that you could get with three full sized shades for $15. One of these shades I will be reviewing here- Anais. The other shade (and the permanent Zoya shades I also got in the order) I will be reviewing later.  This shade is exclusive to this promotion and not part of the permanent line though may be available later.
In the bottle it is hard to tell what color Anais is. It looks like a slightly iridescent gun metal grey; it is almost black. When I first swatched it on paper it had a brownish  tone. When I first applied it to my nails the first coat looked like a very dark brown. On the second coat it one again became nearly black.

Anais is a brown toned black with the slightest amount of iridescence that only serves to make it look glossier.
Once again, even though a mini, the brush was of a normal size and the formula was average. I could have gotten away with two coats, but I added a third one because there appeared to be a few places that were lighter than others.  It dried pretty quickly and after four days of wear only had a little bit of tip wear.
Overall, Anais is a great shade. From a distance it just looks black, and I love black nail polish, but up close it is more complex. It lasts a long time and goes on easily.


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