Review and Swatch: MN Menow Generation II Long Lasting Lip Gloss in #18 and #22 (Lime Crime Cashmere Dupe?)

If you haven’t already, you can check hour my other review on this product here and here.
It’s been several months since I last bought Menow Generation lip glosses, but with the recent resurgence in matte liquid lipstick products and more experience in using them, I decided to pick up another couple of colors.
Menow Lip Glosses are not lip glosses, but instead liquid lipsticks. They come in a thin tube about six inches long and the applicator is a doe foot. I used to find application a bit hard, but after some practice I am able to apply the product a lot better than I had. I also discovered that all the other liquid lipsticks on the market have a doe foot applicator.
Once on these dry to a matte finish and only have very minimal to no transfer and do not rub of except when eating very greasy food and even then just a little. They wear all day (over eight hours) and can be removed with eye makeup remover. Just water or a makeup wipe will not remove it. You can also apply a greasy lip balm which will break down the product and then can remove it with a wipe.
The colors I bought this time are:

#18 a rosy grey beige

#22 a purple red berry

I bought #18 because I simply fell in love with Lime Crime Velveteen in Cashmere, but its constantly sold out and is $20. That is way more than I’d like to spend on a color so different from what I usually wear. Cashmere is described as a grey/beige or greige. I think this color is close, but definitely a bit warmer and rosier. Maybe if you use a grey lip liner as a base this may look closer. I do see a lot of people using pink lip liners under cashmere and I think this color gives that look. I think the rosy tones make it more wearable.  I cannot tell for sure of course, since I do not own Cashmere but this is a great option for a similar look.

I bought #22 because I love purple and it was the most purple of all the Menow lip glosses. Unfortunately it’s not as purple as it had looked online. It’s more of a purple red or a classic berry. It’s still very pretty but not a true purple.

Overall, I’m very happy with these two. They are not patchy and I’ve become better at application, so I reach for these more and more. For only around $1 on ebay, these are a steal for the liquid lipstick craze. 
all my colors: 22, 25, 33 and 03, 18, 26


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