A quick posing update (and apology)

I will just make this brief, but I'd like to give a brief apology and explanation as to why I posted so little this summer. Basically, I had a full time, unpaid, job disguised as an internship. Essentially, I spent like 400 hours this summer working and did not get paid for it. This meant that I was both perpetually tired and out of money. So, no new posts! But, this internship is now over and I have spent the time reviewing everything I bought this summer, and more, and currently have a basic twice a week queue of posts into October!
So, there will be posts on Tuesdays and Fridays in this current queue and I will be adding more posts as school progresses. School also means work, that I actually get paid for, so hopefully I will be able to pick up a few new items soon.
Thanks for sticking with me (or being a new reader!) and I hope you find all my posts interesting and helpful!
(And wish me luck in this semester! It's going to be a hard one but hopefully my queue will be enough to fall back on if the going gets tough!)


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