Recipe: DIY Chia Juice Drink

I really like Mamma Chia drinks, the unique texture is great and I feel it really fills me up, like a snack! But, they are pretty expensive to buy regularly. The concept of the drinks seemed pretty basic to me, so I went online to see if there was a recipe for making this on you own. I found this recipe and I have to say, it really works!
The recipe:
Chia drink ingredients
1 cup of the juice of your choice
1 cup water
3 TB chia seeds
How to make your own chia drink
Warm your water, put in a cup and add your 3 TB of chia seeds. Stir well till the chia seeds are evenly dispersed and start to swell. Cover and put cup in the refrigerator. Let sit overnight.
The next day, get your cup out of the fridge. Your chia seeds should be blown up in size and totally gelatinous. Your “water” should now be a thick gel.
Mix 1 cup of your chia seed gel with 1 cup of the juice of your choice and mix well.
I used the chia seeds I got from Wegmans and added an estimated three tablespoons (I do not have a tablespoon measure with me at school) to a cup of water. I then let it sit for eight hours. At this time with water was completely gelatinous so I stirred it up (there was a thicker clump at the bottom) and added cranberry juice.
desired consistency

When I first tasted it I noticed that the juice was really strong, the chia was clumpy and hard and tasted very strongly “seed like”. This discouraged me a bit, but I tried it again the next day, and success! I really would wait a whole day before consuming. The flavor of the juice and chia mellowed, there were no more clumps, and the chia was soft! Honestly, if you gave me this and a mamma chia, the only difference I could detect would be the different juice flavor.
Overall, this was a successful recipe. This recipe makes a drink exactly like mamma chias so if you don’t have access to the beverage, feel it’s too expensive, or just like adding your own flavors, try this recipe out!


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