Review and Swatch: Wet n’ Wild Wild Shine Nail Polish in Yo Soy

Recently, Wet n’ Wild repackaged their 99 cent wild shine line of their nail polishes. In addition to the new bottle, a few new colors were added. One of these is the color I am reviewing today: Yo Soy.
Yo Soy is a pale beige with a warmer undertone

On me, the color is just a shade or two lighter than my skin tone and with the warmer undertone works well as a nude color on me. The formula of this is thicker and tackier than I remember other wild shines being. This means it is perfectly opaque in two coats, but can be a little tricky to apply. I find thicker coats (especially the second one) to work best and only apply the second after the first really dries otherwise you might scrape up some of the first coat polish.
The new bottle is also something I’m not too fond of. It is a weird shape (there is no “overcap” like with Butter London polishes) and so is a bit harder to grip than a traditional bottle.

Overall, even though the formula isn’t the best and the cap is weird this is still a good polish. If applied correctly the color is nicely opaque and I really like this as a nude on me and, at only 99 cents, hard to go wrong with. 


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