Review and Swatch: Maybelline Long Wearing Lipstick in Red Spark

The last time I went to my local Dollar Tree (where everything’s a dollar) I went to check out their make-up section where you can sometimes find brand name cosmetics in addition to their basic L. A. Colors and other cheap cosmetic brands. This time there was some E.L.F. , some “vintage” Wet n’ Wild nail polishes, some sinful Colors and a few of these Maybelline Lipsticks. Some of the tubes were not labeled with their color and some were soft plum, but most were this color: Red Spark. Not only this color, but this entire line must be discontinued. Searching it on the web all I can find are ebay and such websites reselling these.

Red Spark is a warm, orange and pink toned red. I would describe this as a watermelon color. It is a shiny crème.

The formula on this is very slick; I’d say too slick. When applying it tends to slide around on the lip and doesn’t make as smooth times. I’d also say you need two swipes to make it as opaque as it can be. It is in no way drying though.

Overall, this is a good lipstick. The formula is shiny and not drying at all; add to this the bright watermelon color and you have a great color for summer! I’d definitely look out for this at your local dollar stores with a make-up section, and pick it up if you see it. I got this for $1 at dollar tree. 


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