Review: Eco Tools Detailed Lip Brush

After the resounding that was the Sephora lip brush, I decided to check one out from a cheaper, but well loves, brand. I chose the detailed lip brush from eco tools which retails for around $4.
I picked up the brush at my local Ulta. While it doesn’t retract is does come with a metal lid that can cover the bristles. I find the bristles to be softer and less “plastic” than the Sephora brush. This leads to more product on the brush. It is still and dense and firm brush though.  It sheers out the product a bit on the lips, but leaves no streaks or uneven edges.

The cap has one flaw and that is it is not secure. There are no bumps and holes to “click” the cap on, so it can fall off. I’ve never had this happen in my purse yet (I keep in in a small, vertical pocket) but if you just have this floating around the bottom of your bag I can see it falling off.
size comparison

Overall, I find this to be a good drugstore brush. For only $3.99 you get a streak free application of lip color that is also cruelty free and uses recycled materials. Is the my “holy grail” brush? Well, no. I will still be on the lookout for another, better brush. For now though, this is my best option. 


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