Review and Swatch: Hard Candy Glamoflauge in very light

I’ve been curious about Hard Candy Glamoflauge for a while now, but ever picked one up. Recently I ran out of my liquid concealer and decided to buy this at Walmart. Hard candy can only be found at Walmart; this sells for $6.
Glamoflauge Concealer claims to be “A heavy duty, highly pigmented, blendable concealer that provides the ultimate coverage.  Create a flawless surface by covering birth marks, freckles, dark circles and even tattoos!”  It is a liquid concealer that also comes with a small concealer pencil.
The pencil does provide opaque coverage when “drawn” on the skin. It is quite stiff and hard though and had a small point so it’s not the best for face application. It is also slightly darker than the liquid. The liquid is pretty thin and dries pretty fast upon application.

I first tried to cover my tattoo with this. I outlined with the pencil and then filled in with the pencil and then covered with the liquid. It did lighten up my dark tattoo but didn’t cover. I then tried to add a second layer after letting it dry for five minutes, but instead of covering better it instead just lifted up the previous application. This could work for very light tattoos (maybe brown ink?) but I can’t see this covering anything with black, dark grey, or bright colors.
I then tried to cover blemishes with this, and it’s just too thin. It doesn’t cover acne very well because of this, and I also discovered that I grabbed a color too light for spot coverage. I then tried to cover my under eye darkness (which is what I used my other liquid concealer for) and for this it is perfect! The liquid is opaque enough to fully cover under eye darkness and since it’s a shade lighter than my skin, provides a great highlight!
How I apply it is I use a paint brush style foundation brush to make a sort of “V” underneath my eye. I then blend with my fingers out toward my nose, cheekbones, and towards my eyebrows. I make sure to seamlessly blend into my foundation, and when set with powder you cannot tell there are multiple products. It simply looks like I have perfect under eyes and a nice highlight. This also works as an additive to liquid foundation. It adds an additional coverage level and a slight thickness to the average liquid foundation.

Overall, if you are looking for a tattoo covering concealer or a cover for acne this is not for you. It is much too thin. If you want a good under eye concealer and highlight, this product can be fantastic. When I run out (it is a very large 0.71 oz) I will buy it again. For reference e.l.f liquid concealer has 0.08 oz. of product, Maybelline fit me concealer had 0.23 oz., and l’oreal true match liquid concealer has 0.17 oz.  


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