Review and Swatch: Topshop Lip Cream in Smart

I’ve heard a lot of good things about TopShop’s beauty line, but the products are often expensive and hard to find in the US. But, recently Nordstrom had an online clearance sale of many topshop products with free shipping and so I decided to try out the topshop lip cream in the color “Smart.”

Smart is a dark neutral toned red. At first I thought it had a red or gold toned sparkle in the tube, but upon application it doesn’t read as sparkle or iridescent but instead as just more shine and definition.

When I bought this, I thought this would be a matte lip cream or at least a cream formula. It is a very glossy formula. After a few hours wear the gloss part wears off and it looks more like a cream lip stain on the lips.

I think this color is super pretty and this is a very pigmented gloss; a category I would like to have more of in my collection. If I have another opportunity to purchase one of these I probably will.

I bought this at Nordstrom for $5 on sale; it normally retails for $10.


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