British candy review: Cadbury Flake and Crunchie Bar

I foresee this just being one of many candy and food reviews to come out of my time in Britain.  Both of these candies are Cadbury brand (the main candy brand here in the UK from what I can see) and thus mainly chocolate.
The first candy I’m going to talk about is the Cadbury flake bar. This candy bar is actually completely chocolate (which I didn’t know when I bought it) but the chocolate “stick” is made of folded shavings of chocolate and as such isn’t solid and “flakes”. The stick itself looks a bit like tree bark from a distance.
Flavor wise it takes fantastic because Cadbury is great chocolate (better than the usual US fare like Hershey). The actual concept though is just a gimmick to me. It also is hard to eat because it is fragile and must stay inside the wrapper. When you bite into it it kind of shatters and the chocolate flakes everywhere onto you and into the wrapper. Because of this it gets progressively messier and you cannot just rip open the side of the wrapper without these bits falling out.
Overall, just but a regular Cadbury bar; they are cheaper and you get more chocolate.
The crunchie bar is made of honeycomb covered in a layer of milk chocolate. Honeycomb is a sort of candy made with caramelized sugar and baking powder which caused the sugar to foam and gives the candy little holes so it can actually be bitten into. It is crunchy (like the name suggests) but not hard.  The flavor of the honeycomb is like caramelized sugar, but not caramel. It had a slightly burnt sugar flavor like the top of a crème brulee.  The topping is just a good Cadbury chocolate and evens out the honeycomb flavor.

Overall, it is a very nice candy bar; probably my favorite so far. A good, unique thing to pick up in the UK.


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