Review and swatch: Calvin Klein Tempting Glimmer Sheer Cream Eyeshadow 2.5g in Sage Shimmer

 The CK Calvin Klein range of cosmetics had apparently been discontinued for a while, but I was able to find this cream eyeshadow at a British store called “pound land” which, as you can guess, in equivalent to our dollar trees and 99 cent stores.  It came in a small bag sealed by the store with the label “name brand”.  It was amongst some OPI and Revlon, and the usual cheap no name brand cosmetics found at this type of store. For just a pound I was willing to buy any cream eyeshadow (I forgot to bring one with me!) but for Calvin Klein I was excited.

The color I got (and the only color that was there) is called sage shimmer. It is a warm, reddish copper/brown. It is a complex color and very pretty. It also has very good pigmentation. The container of it though, is very small and thus there isn’t a lot of product; only 2.5 grams. But for only a pound, it is still a good deal. Apparently the full original price was more around 15 pounds.

I tend to use cream eyeshadows as a base for similar colors; I usually let the cream show through for about half of the look, and then add a powder shadow to the outer third and into the crease.  This product applied well and even and can be built up to a very deep color. I then added on top some of the duo chrome in the wet n wild comfort zone palette. Unfortunately it seemed to crease after just about an hour or so, but since there was also powder, it maybe wouldn’t crease so bad on its own.  The color lasts well.

Overall, this was a good product and a great find for just a pound! The color is beautiful, and I’ve been meaning to expand my collection of crème eyeshadows. 


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