Lush Haul Reviews Part 2: Bubblegum lip scrub and Ultra-Bland Face cleanser

I had a great time at the Lush near Oxford street which you can read about in Part 1 of this. While I was there I made one main purchase: Bubblegum lip scrub.
I had come to lush with the intention of buying a lip scrub. I really needed one because my lips were starting to dry and flake and I had heard they were really great and fun. Before I got there, I had thought of buying the mint julips variety, but was won over by the bubblegum scent. The scrub comes in a cute glass jar and contains 25 grams; this costs 5 pounds 50. When I first bought it I thought this was a little pricey, but after using it, I realized that you only need the tiniest bit (like a grain of rice small) and as such it will last a long time. I’m thinking at least 6 months or so which will make this a good price to pay. The bubblegum scent is really sweet and very fun to have. It is also a bright pink color and tastes good too! To use I just picked up a tiny bit on my fingertip and rubbed until I felt my lips were smooth and then licked the rest off!  My lips felt fantastically smooth afterwards, and I also topped them with my Vaseline rosy lips to moisturize. The ingredients for this is very simple; sugar, jojoba oil, flavor, color, and methyl ionone (which apparently is part of the scent).  Because of this, I am tempted just to make my own once I get home and had some peppermint flavor or something, but while I might try it, there is something about the fun bubblegum scent and color in the cute lush glass jar that is so fun and enjoyable to own.

Ultra-Bland: I got this as a sample from the girls at Lush, and the sample they gave me was very small, like maybe 5 grams of product? Since I use very little product when I use face wash I estimate I can get about 3 uses from this. The product has a very light scent that I can’t really place. The texture of it is like a waxy cold cream. I was told I could use this to remove my makeup or as a plain face wash. The first time I used it was in the morning and I actually forgot you had to use it on a dry face, so I first put it on a wet face that I then dabbed off the water from the rest of my face the product wasn’t on. Rubbing it in, I don’t like the waxy texture very much, and removing it was a bit of a pain. I was told to take a hot, damp, washcloth and wipe it off that way. Maybe I was too vigorous trying to get the wax off, but my face got a bit red after the exfoliation. My face did feel very clean (and I even used it on my eye area because one of the lush employees said they use it to remove their eye makeup) and when I went to put on my makeup it applied very well and evenly. I don’t know if it was because of this product specifically, or if it was Fresh Farmacy the night before, or a combination of both.  The next time I tried it to remove my makeup. I rubbed it all over my face, and then took a warm, wet cotton pad and wiped it off. It seemed to remove my makeup, but since the cotton pad had to remove the cleanser in addition to my makeup, it wasn’t able to remove all of it in one pad. I didn’t feel like getting another one, so I just used a damp washcloth. It took a few washes, then, to remove all of the cleanser and the makeup. For me, this cleanser is both too much work to use, and is uncomfortable to feel on my face. I will not purchase a large bottle, especially since it is pricey. Utrabland is made of primarily almond oil, rose water, beeswax, and honey. It cost 6 pound 95 for 45 grams or 10 pound 95 for 100 grams. 


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