Review and swatch: Vaseline Rosy Lips

                While this product recently came out in the US; it came in an ugly, little plastic tub which was very vertical (meaning I would get more under my nail than on my lips). Even so, I was tempted by it until I found out it came in a cute tin in the UK, and I was willing to wait a few month until I was able to buy it here.
Vaseline rosy lips is part of the Vaseline line of petroleum jelly based lip balms. Other flavors include original, aloe, and cocoa butter.  It is a solid “cake” of rose scented petroleum jelly in a very cute retro style tin. It is also advertised as having a slight tint of color.

As a lip balm I like it a lot. It moisturizes well and smells fantastic (the main reason I got it was because I love rose scented and flavored things).  The tin also is easy to grab product from; simply rub the pad of your finger in it, and since it is a shallow tin it doesn’t snag on your nails.

If you are buying for the tint though, you will be disappointed. In the tin it is a very pretty pink color, but when swatched the color turns to a barely noticeable hue, and on the lips it is invisible.

Overall, I think this is a cute product to throw into your purse on have on your nightstand; you always need lip balm, right? But do not get it if you wanted a real tinted lip balm. This was also only a pound and 99 pence, so not very expensive. 


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