Review and Swatch: E.l.f. waterproof eyeliner pen

While I usually use my elf traditional style eyeliner; the whole felt pen eyeliner idea intrigues me. So, I decided to pick up a cheap version.
The elf eyeliner pen retails for $2 (in comparison to the basic version’s $1 pricetag). It is a felt tipped marker like eyeliner pen. The idea is that you can get more precision from this tip and a steady stream of eyeliner so you don’t have to re-dip.
When swatched on my hand or my eye, it is not very black; it looks almost dark grey. It also is a bit dry for my tastes. It also calls itself waterproof; but if I dab a bit of water on with my fingers it starts to fade away quickly.

The tip is also a bit stiff for me; this makes application to my delicate eyelid a bit uncomfortable. Because of its dryness, stiffness, and lack of pigmentation it barely shows up on my eyelid.

Overall, this product is a not very good version of a good product idea. I would be curious to try a slightly higher end or better done version of this product. 


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