Review and Swatch: Beaute Basics Exposed 2 eyeshadow palette

My aunt gave me this palette as an early Christmas present. Apparently, she bought these exposed palettes off of groupon and only wanted one of them, the #3. For her daughter and so gave the other two to me and my other female cousin.  These are obviously attempting to be Urban decay Naked palette dupes, but only have vaguely similar shades. Naked 2  is supposed to be cool toned, but this one is pretty warm. I chose this one because the #1 had a lot of green toned shades which I do not like. For the group of three it was $12.99 and while the brand has a website the normal per palette price in not available because these palettes are not online. There normal prices though, are pretty high and frankly I can say not worth it. My general feeling are this is a decent palette for someone starting out in makeup or someone who likes the look of the naked palettes but doesn’t have any real knowledge of makeup brands because this will fool no one. Generally the mattes are poor and the shimmers are pretty good.
The colors in this palette range from 13-24; there are twelve shades in the palette.

13: matte pale yellow; chalky and sheer
14: true gold shimmer; pretty sheer
15: shimmery champagne; super sheer
16: intense shimmery bronze-gold; super intense metallic pigmentation
17: matte grey-brown; sheer
18: dark bronze-gold; pretty pigmented
19: shimmery taupe; a little sheer but nice
20: green-toned medium grey shimmer; pretty good
21: light icy metallic silver; quite nice
22: warm taupe grey shimmer; nice
23: burgundy brown shimmer: very nicely pigmented
24: matte black: chalky but usable

My favorite colors in this collection are 16, 22, and 23. The palette also came with a double sided brush. It is very soft, but the fluffy end is not dense and so is more of a blender than for packing on the color. The smaller end is okay. In general these shades apply pretty sheer which makes them very natural and nice looking put doesn’t really pack a punch. I will use this, but it’s not going to be a favorite.

Is this worth $12.99 on its own? No. Is it going to fool anyone into thinking it’s a naked palette? No. Is it worth $4? Yes. Is it a decent palette? Yes. Overall, not fantastic but with some useable colors and could be great for makeup beginners. 


  1. Very useful! I am looking at the Naked Palettes and saw this as an alternative... now I know it's definitely worth it to get the real thing! Thank you.

  2. Ty very helpful as I was looking into buying from groupon as well for $10 per one.


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