Review and Swatch: Urban Decay Vice 3 palette

This was one of my big ticket Christmas gifts and my second palette from Urban Decay. This set contains 20 eyeshadow and one two sided brush. It is also limited edition so I jumped on it when it became available. It was $60 but I got it 20% during a sale at Ulta.
The palette comes in a shiny metallic case which is really cool and a zippered makeup bag with a UD design. I can definitely seeing using this make-up bag since it’s a decent size. The palette also has a huge mirror. While I don’t usually care about mirrors because they usually aren’t so big to be convenient, but this one is so big that I really like it!

The colors inside are in the first column:

Truth: a matte cream; it’s on the sheerer side but smooth
Undone: a taupe matte
Downfall: a warm brown matte; this one is pretty powdery
DTF: a dark grey toned taupe brown and matte
I love this column for a basic matte neutral look.

Second column:

Dragon: classic emerald shimmer;  a bit more sheer than I hoped
Freeze: a medium icy blue shimmer ; again a bit sheer
Heroine: dark blue shimmer; very sheer
Brokedown: a mustard toned medium brown shimmer; while not sheer it is a bit gritty


Vanity: medium violet; very pretty!
Lucky: super ultra-pigmented pure gold; the dark horse of this palette. It doesn’t seem too exciting but is absolutely gorgeous in person!
Reign: medium brown
Bobbydazzle: pure bold white with sparkle: a bit chalky


Alien: baby pink matte
Alchemy: purple toned pink fuchsia duo chrome; a truly stunning shade!
Bondage: super dark black/purple with shimmer; super pigmented
Sonic: orange and pink coral duo chrome; this is also a surprise great shade!


Last sin: a shimmery champagne
Angel: mid tone grey: this was super sheer! I really didn’t think this would be so sheer but is a good blending color for my crease.
Defy: dark grey
Revolver: black, and a very nice one too!
This column is perfect for a quick smokey eye; they coordinate together very well.

Overall, I really like the first and last column for full looks and the fourth has the most amazing shades but more bold than I normally wear. The second column is a bit of a disappointment. I don’t wear those colors too often and then on top they are quite sheer.
The brush is very soft and good for blending but not so dense that they can pack on a lot of color.

This is a great new palette for me and I’m so excited to try out all of the different possible looks!


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