Review and Swatch: J cat Wonder Lip Paint in “Always late, Rabbit!”

The J cat Wonder lip paints have been floating around the internet as a OCC Lip Tar dupe. I wanted to by some but I had to buy them off the J cat website at full price with a pretty high shipping cost so I was going to wait until the holidays until I found out they were coming to Ulta! As soon as I heard the news I started figuring out what color I wanted most. When Ulta had a great deal of $5 off $10 and free shipping I jumped and bought this color. All the names are super cute and based off of Alice in Wonderland.

Always Late, Rabbit! Is a medium pink toned purple. While it is most definitely purple on it is a very flattering shade and would even be good for someone just venturing into purple lipsticks.
In regards to the OCC dupability it is a similar texture, though I think slightly thinner. It has the familiar peppermint oil scent. The pigmentation in great but I think slightly less than OCC. So, while not a perfect dupe I think very comparable. Considering the price where OCC is $18 and this is $5, I would recommend this line to someone just wanting to try out a “lip tar” like consistency.

I really love this color and product though it has the slight annoyance of having to be applied with a lip brush. I do see myself wearing this though, especially since it fades to a gorgeous fuchsia. 


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