Review and Swatch: Benefit Cheeky Sweet Spot Box o’ Blushes

One of my big items that I got for Christmas is this set from Benefit. This set contains six of Benefit’s Box powders plus a small brush and some of Benefit’s cream highlighter Watt’s up. I never bought any of benefit’s box powders so this set was a great deal.

The powders in this set are:
Dandelion: a very light baby pink color. This is great for fair skin and could be a highlighter for those with deep skin tones but not so great for medium skins.
Bella Bamba: this is a red toned blush which is one of the bolder colors
Sugar bomb: a mosaic of four colors that turn into a very pale coral. This could be a blush or a highlighter

Hoola: one of the most famous bronzers ever; a cool grey-toned medium brown- great for both light and medium tones
Coralista: as is sounds a medium coral blush. It’s almost like a deeper sugarbomb
Rockateur: a dusty medium mauve; my favorite color of this set. It’s berry tones look great in all seasons
Watt’s up: a shimmery light golden cream. I have a mini of this and I love it!

All of these powders are super velvety smooth. None are gritty or chalky. What I wasn’t expecting is the sheerness of these. When using my super soft blush brush it gives a very sheer color. With the stiffer brush included I can get a lot more color, but the thin shape of it makes it best for contouring with the bronzer.

Overall, I’m glad to have this set of powders since I only own very few blushes and none from benefit. This was a very good deal for only $35 and came in a very cute tin for Christmas! I only wish the pigmentation was a bit stronger.


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