Review and Swatch: Butter London Posh Bird

Ever since I go my last (and first!) Butter London nail polish in Gobsmacked; I’ve been on the lookout for another. The formula, the nice shades, the cute bottle; all of it made me want another. I kept an eye out on where I got my last polish, but no colors that I liked went down to a good deal. So imagine my excitement when a lovely polish turned up at Marshall’s…
Now most people wouldn’t be surprised about this; it seems like every can find nice polishes like butter London at their local Marshall’s, Ross, and T. J. Maxx, but I have never! I can count on one hand the amount of times I’ve come across one and it’s always been a really ugly, unwearable color. This time, there were several shades to choose from. The only one that I could see myself wearing was this one though (there were several shades of blue) and by god it’s a pretty one!
Posh Bird is a complex color. It’s like a warm, rosy, lavender, shimmery taupe. It’s almost a neutral shade and so goes with almost everything, So I’ve been wearing it a lot.

Like the other Butter London polish I’ve tried the formula is great and becomes opaque in two coats. It takes several days to chip on me which id really good for my nails.

Overall, I just love this polish! I’ll be seriously tempted to pay full price for this when I run out. But considering I spent like $4 on this instead of the normal $15, I’m super happy!


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